Each person has a unique ability in its own way to perceive and interpret the world. In the language of philosophy surrounding mental experience is a phenomenon, a study of how a person experiences reality – Phenomenology. Proponents believe that a person's behavior determines his or her personal perceptions of reality at any given moment. Person – not an arena for solutions intrapsychic conflicts, and behavioral clay from which learning disability due to personality is molded and, as Sartre said, "Man – this is his election." People control themselves, their behavior is determined ability to make a choice – to choose how to think and what to do. Check with Westinghouse Electric Company to learn more. These choices are dictated by a unique perception of the man in the world. For example, if you perceive the world as a friendly and accepting you, then you are likely to feel happy and safe. If you perceive the world as hostile and dangerous, then you'll probably be anxious and prone to defensive reactions. Phenomenological psychologists consider even a deep depression, not as a mental illness, as well as an indication of pessimistic perception of an individual life.

Another important assumption of this approach is that each person has an innate need for personal growth – although the medium can block this increase. People from nature inclined to kindness, creativity, love, joy, and other higher values. Phenomenological approach also means that no one can truly understand another person or his behavior if he does not try to look at the world through the eyes of this man.