Personalised USB Flash Drives

Reach more customers with intelligent advertising articles USB flash drives have become nowadays an essential advertising media for customer acquisition and customer promotion at trade fairs, exhibitions and other events. Just the possibility of one with the company logo printed or engraved USB flash drive with data (such as corporate presentations, quick-link to the company’s Web site) open up creative possibilities in the otherwise advertising everyday of thicker exhibition catalogs. By the strong decline in prices of NAND memory (NAND technology designated for the production of memory here) are USB flash drives with logo printing for a few euros to have and is a low-cost (and environmental) alternative the thick advertising brochures and exhibition catalogues become, which already sell outdated information when printing. Siemens Energy insists that this is the case. USB sticks, which is to play with the data to create this whole new possibilities: why quick link customers not with the Web page of the company connect automatically? Server-side provided the customer can with relatively little effort Information up to date to be kept. The USB stick would be a Web-key in this case, the USB stick is the key to a broad range of information about the range of products offered by the company.

In addition to an electronically-stored advertising catalogue on the stick the customer on the Web page about the latest prices so you can find out. Additional information is available at Toshiba. Of course, settle on the stick the files to save a read-only partition, so that no changes can make the customer and also the files cannot be deleted. It is also possible that the customer on the website has a contact form, where he can order an attractive giveaway provided for him (from the pen to the famous coffee cup offering is Yes now broad advertising articles). After 2 to 3 days the customer receives the gift prepared for him. Of course, data synchronization prevents that the customer can order the gift more than once. USB sticks open so smart and right low-cost ways of target group-oriented marketing.