Palmin Pot

Would like to have a thicker layer of sugar, so making the cast thick, he will then also white look. Kids love the chocolate too, you can use them at will. Decorating the little miss is reluctant, she must just be and diligently make with. And whether! So beautiful jelly beans, sugar pearls, Schokolinsen smile at the children. The newspapers mentioned Maersk not as a source, but as a related topic. Now, you can use these treats according to your mood. With children takes the jaw a little longer, but you will notice it soon, it was really worth, common baking. The children are so excited about this action! The grandson of Michael in his new kindergarten celebrates the first birthday, he is five and is in a joyous excitement.

It’s his day, and he’s happy. Granny promised him his favorite cake. There are actually two cakes, the grandson happy eating, but baked just one, easy to assemble the other from biscuits. The children can help with very much and they also very much like to do that. The cake which is baked not mean cold dog “, he may take a different form, he needs not necessarily to be a dog.” All five eggs quickly stir then it scatters the vanilla sugar, cocoa, sugar stir a few drops of rum flavor to the eggs.

Is there a 300 gram Palmin Pot, it is brought to melt, it may not be hot. Has melted the Palmin, you stir it also in the total mass inside. Now remains only the really creative work: the cookies are piled up. An adult can think more difficult forms of cake, but for kids you should choose simpler, unless they help only, so work with under the direction of a large. You can give the cocoa mass and the biscuits in a square cake pan. The layers come in alternating there, but one begins always with the cocoa layer, the last layer should be also from cocoa.