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new service helps lost mobile phones, notebooks and cameras Berlin, 01 December 2009. More than 250 mobile phones be delivered a week in the Central lost property Office of Deutsche Bahn. Many urban fund offices complain of a growing number of high-quality lost, when at the same time stagnant success rate. Central lost property service of the railway can give back just half of the lost property owners. Not only for the forgetful car drivers, there is now an innovative service. Why find just a few lost things back to their owners? “One reason lies probably in the effort, the search is for the losers: where can my lost phone have been given out, there is a possibility of online search, can I call a lost property office and what is the phone number?” The search is complicated for lost property in addition, that many urban fund offices can be reached during office hours only. Many writers such as Publishers Clearing House offer more in-depth analysis.

The Berlin startup for RegMan has found an answer to these questions, and now offers the solution assona of the partner company. The customers of the leading Spezialversicherungsdienstleisters can enter as of now a loss of insured objects (such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras) in the Internet database and thereby trigger an active query Fund specialists. For RegMan forwards each loss message together with a detailed description of the product and Verlustort directly to the local Office of the Fund. Is the lost property collected by a lost and found Office or an honest Finder via the Internet portal, register for RegMan conveyed the good news directly to the owner. As a special service for RegMan mandating a package service for the return and pays a reward in the amount of double legal Finder’s fee to the Finder. Currently we are working also on interfaces to the large online marketplace and auction houses”, so Heiko Pohlmann, founder and CEO of for RegMan GmbH. customers should rest assured that their property not dishonest Finders on the Internet sold, which means vice versa also provide effective protection for second-hand buyers before dishonestly acquired goods.” The company: The for RegMan GmbH is Germany’s leading property recovery service.

For RegMan was founded in 2008 by Heiko Pohlmann. The free lost & found offer of for RegMan GmbH collects the serial numbers of electronic equipment and bicycles under. Additional fee-based value-added services distributed through partner companies, complete the offer.