Miss Comrade Stalin

-Thought you bebias not amazed Mao. -That was for the press. It had set an example of austerity. -Well, as I was saying continued Franco emeralds day was when he lit the light – a light or the light? Humorous Peron. -Don’t interrupt, Juan Domingo almost ordered Trujillo. Don Francisco seemed not to pay attention to them. – and spoke in private with Argimiro. It could be done without too much hubbub, told me.

At the beginning, in Cuelgamuros, it was rock hard, but then it was easier since we went in an area of sedimentation basins. We rodeariamos gems and advance chopping easy towards Alpedrete. The thing could be explained as a gallery of ventilation of the main crypt to the East. Once there, we had reached Alpedrete, we briefly tapiariamos the secondary tunnel and would work in the area of the gems to make them safe. All this would be done without the knowledge of Carmen that jewels liked more than one chalk a fool – I understand that expression, Paco intervened Benito.

Franco did as I had not heard him. -so us inflicts and everything followed the course. – And then, Franquito? What happened then? Adolf was certainly interested in the topic. -Had arrived in Alpedrete and what then asked me what was I doing in Alpedrete? You have already read somewhere that I was a frustrated marine. Do did I alpedrete?. He had already begun about tourists so I told Carmen that I was going to do a solo revival of the arrival of the national troops to the Mediterranean on 13 April 1938 and I came here for. I saw this Crag and I said this is going to be really your Cuelgamuros, Paco. I arranged everything to Argimiro and ya see there was an elegant applause for the host. -Miss Comrade Stalin said Ho, wrapped in the scent of a good pipada slightly opioid why isn’t Joseph here? -We would have been thirteen and that number has bad luck.