Data terminals have become expensive rarities from the familiar tools, which is essential conduct successful trading. The use of terminals for inventory and shipment from the warehouse has become the de facto standard in trade. Follow others, such as Rob Daley, and add to your knowledge base. Demand creates supply, and many well-known equipment manufacturers to work with bar codes, such as Symbol, Opticon and Metrologic, offer their solutions for mobile data collection. Currently, the proposed terminal can be divided into two groups -? budget? and? hi-end?. In fact, these groups have completely different devices, in terms of functionality. In fiscal group includes terminals c cost up to $ 1000. Despite the fairly high price, these devices are basically a model developed by 5 – 10 years ago. They have a small amount of memory (1-4MB), limited settings, the minimum features for editing data.

These terminals impossible or very difficult to get the nomenclature of reference, as a rule, data loading is done via legacy COM-ports and takes tens of minutes. Today I can confidently say – these terminals can not cope with the challenges facing the modern enterprise. Sellers of such devices often point to the fact that their terminals can operate without recharging for a very long time – up to 200 hours and have a very simple design. But the weak processor, small screen, slow and primitive by disappointing data sharing users. Typical representatives of the budget terminal – Metrologic ScanPal2, Cipher 8000, Casio DT-900. Group hi-end, in contrast, includes powerful and functional devices, equipped with more memory, processing power, high-quality touchscreen and advanced programs.