Liposuction Tips

A surgery of the risks of which are not to be underestimated is 3 facts that should know everyone a liposuction liposuction, called also liposuction. The plastic surgery makes especially sense when fat deposits in certain body areas that are simply cannot be dissolved by sports and healthy nutrition. 1 a question of method in the meeting with the experts Dr. med. Matthias Wagner, he set the main focus on the importance of proper treatment for patients. He said: the trick, or rather the practical solution, is the appropriate method, which leads to the greatest success depending on the area and extent of the fat problem. “An example is the procedure of called Tumescent liposuction. This method is in contrast to an ordinary liposuction, not just sucked the fat from the body, but previously injected into the affected area of the body with a special agent.

This fluid fills the fatty areas and allows the Surgeons is a precise and simplified extraction of adipose tissue. Another variation is the vibration assisted liposuction. In this type of treatment, the excess fat in the connective tissue is poured out so to speak. Although this method of liposuction for many patients / patients is suitable, it is especially those who suffer from a very high number of fat deposits, to recommend. 2. the liposuction no limits have been set in principle you can suction fat all over your body”this opinion is Dr. Wagner, Director of the clinic for aesthetic surgery in Munich.

In practice that looks differently, of course, there are rarely people who want a liposuction in an unusual part of the body, where possibly even no fat cells suck up. 3. diet – and sports-resistant adipose tissue to get rid of particularly in places like the upper arms, calves or even fetters is it difficult for many, through exercise or a healthier diet to get rid of fat cells. With liposuction, the problems can the water wings”, etc., but simply and easily solved. Particularly women are affected by unstraffen poor and access to get to such problem areas before the summer in the grip of surgical tools. For such an operation, expert practitioners use relatively thin cannula (2-4 mm in diameter) to perform a precise and almost risk-free facelift of the arms.