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Two Features make these arrangements with unique. At the time of booking the second person is invited each, can travel free of charge. Also it is the cooperation with Volkswagen, that whenever possible for each trip costs and km free a VW Phaeton is made available. The vehicle is accepted at home on the doorstep or in the VW dealer around the corner and also returned there. Already, the reading of the book can converge everyone enjoy the water in the mouth.

Also a master chef with a delicious recipe is every wine region in addition to the tempting tiny ideas. No wonder, that it not take celebrities such as Lothar Spath, Heiner Geissler, Kurt Biedenkopf, or even Brigitte von Boch left, to act as godparents for their home region. Anyway, the book offers a whole series of other gourmet recommendations that lifestyle are summarized in the chapter. Managing Director Gerald Peter explains therefore not without pride: us succeeded in being, to make a work, the all friends of the beautiful things in life like. More than us it was however important, to create real added value”. So many invitation cheques, the arrangements described in the book, but also more exclusive offers can be used to belong to the book.

The Edition is strictly limited, because the granted advantages are so enormous that they can be reserved for only a limited number of customers. The invitation cheques are valid until January 2010. Pleasure travel 2009 “you now can under or by phone at the number (01803) 555 6 888 4 * order (price: 19.90 with an invitation cheques or 49.90 EUR with 3 invitation-checks). Information for journalists: favourite HOTELS Germany c/o Invata GmbH & co. KG Robert Rethberg Tel.: (0351) 31 40-370 email: * 9 ct / min, mobile prices may vary.