IDobber On Watch: Independent Test Showed The Predicate

Superakku! Pinpoint accuracy! Reliable! Is it in the review of the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of testing free press / Johannes Fischer, personally contact the possibilities of persons, property and vehicle tracking the iDobber of OJSC of Bornemann, made in Germany Hamburg – more and more in the focus of interest of many companies. Especially those who have to organize a fleet and field service. Innovative telematics systems that monitor on the market has brought in last year with the InFLEET, for example, the Bornemann AG, invaluable work on the route and position determination and give unequivocal information about the cost traps lurking in what places in the company. Swarmed by offers, Piraeus is currently assessing future choices. You contribute significantly, that are very fast and extremely effective in the position, to reduce spending on communication, fuel usage, route planning and order management by up to 35 percent. Certainly organized his sales better a company through the use of telematics, significantly improved the reporting as well as customer service, reduced operating costs, as insurance premiums in addition and in addition is capable of company property to secure and to protect employees. The iDobber the Bornemann AG brought a telematics system on the market, which is used in particular in the field of people – and object location now and there is really outstanding, says the Bornemann AG.

But that claim also other vendors of their products. Which telematics system holds, what it promises? The Deputy Editor of the free press of Johannes Fischer came to this search for clues. \”Here test report appeared to independent to the iDobber in the free press: no one lost more with the electronic sneak\” can be precisely traced paths of vehicles and people only what? Johannes Fischer Chemnitz/Goslar. It is not just crime stories from the last millennium, promoting technical progress in the work of the police in a touching manner: also strips from the period after 2000 to beschattende people get likes a device cheered, that locates the respective target permanent.