Human Capital Management

Advantages of knowing it manage to the extent that the management is identified with the scope and the positive impacts that derive from the proper management of human capital is achieved: making more efficient systems and human resources processes to reduce costs, making improvements to the process of recruitment and selection of staff. Improve productivity, since, with a good management of the human resource drives operating performance due to improvements in the provision of personnel. Align staff with goals and objectives to boost business performance, encouraging and stimulating the commitment of workers with the company creating improvements in the organizational culture. Make the position of the company within the market, since a rich human capital created no doubt value, although intangible but highly valued the company. Addition in the current era, technology and information are within reach of all companies, so the unique competitive advantage that can differentiate one company from another is the particular capacities that have people within the organization. Conclusions to the extent that management identify with the importance of knowing how to properly manage Human Capital and pay attention, collaboration in its achievement, the results will be favorable to the company, so you can achieve the full satisfaction of the needs of the Organization and its Human Capital, achieving shared productivity and the overall well-being of bothIn addition to as also shown to comply with real responsibility and mission of the company as it is contributing to its development and the scope of its purposes through the proper use of human resources, providing l training, motivation and integration teams with the purpose of stimulating the creative leadership, excellence and innovation demanded by the globalised market..