Heraclitus reflects on the existence of the world and the direction of the life human being, for it the war is the origin of everything, is the state of nature of the world, is from tensions created for the extremities, the contrary that if the creative harmony of all generates the things (Heraclitus with this thought demonstrates one begins dialtico). In its I break up it explicit this: ' ' Of all the things the war is the father, of all the things is Sir; to some it showed deuses, to others, men, of some made slaves, of others livres' '. Heraclitus the being this always in transformation, the being is changeable, limitless, mobile, created. ' ' To the winds, death comes to be water, to the water, death comes to be land, but of the land water is born, of the water, vento' '. Parmnides affirms that the direct experience of the things, its separation, its position does not take the place some, it believes that through the reasoning a thing that is cannot be another one, the sun is the sun, the land is the land, then Parmnides believes that everything that exists is the being. The logical conclusion of this is that everything that does not exist is not-to be. Parmnides the being invariant, immovable, is limited, indestructible, spherical, that is, free of transformations, differently of Heraclitus who believed the transformation of the being.

' ' The Being that nor was, nor will be, but that it is, at the same time, without discontinuity. Therefore, that origin you want to search to them? How and of that it would have grown? I would not leave you nor to say or to think that of not-being he has surgido' '. Parmnides. In this I break up Parmnides if it opposes the ideas of Heraclitus affirming that the being cannot be changedded into another being, it a being could not come of another one, not-to be never could be changedded into being. ' ' In the same river we enter and we do not enter, we are and not somos' '. Heraclitus. Heraclitus in this I break up demonstrates its idea of transformation, not only of the material things, as waters, but of the proper man, as an evolution process. Parmnides not allotment of the same thought, the man never could not be (we are and we are not), the man as only reality is invariant, perfect, incriado.