Governikus Web Signer

Safe sign comfortable in online applications create of qualified electronic signatures using all common signature card also stack signature card and smart card readers: everything that distinguishes the product group Governikus signer, is now also available for Web applications and online forms. With the newest member of the product group GmbH & co. KG provides the bremen online services (bos KG) before a solution, with the directly in Web-based applications created documents and online forms can be electronically signed and so validly made without expression, hand-written signature and mail delivery. Manufacturers can extend their solutions as easy a signature component. While only the parts of the signature solution must be integrated, which also used be enables streamlined solutions. The integration of Governikus Web signer via a simple interface. All configuration parameters can be pre-set by the specialist software flexibly. The Governikus Web signer can applet incorporated into Web pages and be used directly in the browser.

Alternatively the Governikus Web signer can be used as a Java Web start application. It must be installed only Java on the computer of the user. Individual options, such as for example the signature format, can be fixed or made the choice the user. Users need only a signature card and a chip card reader. As usual offers the Governikus technology the greatest diversity, when it comes to the choice of the signature hardware, this guarantees a high level of acceptance among users. If advanced signatures are to be created, a software certificate is required.

Like the other solutions of the product group Governikus signer also the Web signer builds on the eCard-API specification of the Federal Government. So that it is compatible with different system environments and supports all standard signature cards and card readers. The Governikus Web signer is based on Governikus the Sicherheitsmiddleware, on which the German judiciary, public administration in the Federal Government, most Lander, in the European countries, as well as many businesses rely on, when it comes to safe, confidential and legally valid electronic documents. In the context of the bos partner program, we offer the integration of Governikus Web signer (for Web-based applications) or the Governikus signer integration Edition (for software) software vendors. Ingrid Gunther bremen online services GmbH & co. KG