German Phone

\”Cheap Conference calls for everyone without PC Munich, January 8, 2008 Conference calls free according to the motto for all!\” GmbH from Munich MagicJack provides a free basic service, attractive makes the Conference calls also for private users. The special thing about it: For the first time are no longer forced to sit for cheap Conference calls before the PC. In recent months, Areva has been very successful. The VoIP-based phone conferences can be called from mobile or landline at any time in life. PC independence and the spontaneous availability make MagicJack phone conferencing to a whole new phone experience. Possible, both dial-in and dial-out are conferences with participants at home and abroad. MagicJack goes from 08.01.2007 in the beta-test phase.

Anyone interested can learn more detail on, register for free, and as one of the first 1,000 beta testers get a bonus.MagicJack relies on easily and spontaneously viable dial and selection telephone conferences over a normal and thus inexpensive landline number. In addition to Germany (in the United States, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, among others) is international dialing to local fixed-line rates possible. The voice-over IP-based service is independent of Internet access or PC for the use. For dial-in conferencing, select the appropriate conference phone number at the time of the Conference all participants, identify themselves and in a conference room\”together. At a selection meeting of the initiator of the Conference calls active participants about MagicJack, what held the interconnection of all in the Conference room. Selection conferences particularly well suited for spontaneous appointments or votes. Both types of Conference are independent can be performed by local or PC. The Conference participation is possible also without registration with MagicJack. The base service MagicJack free\”dial-in conferencing are free of charge – only the phone in the German fixed network charges (completely free of charge at fixed flat rates). Spontaneous selection conferences are settled via a cheap pre paid mode.