From The Hidden To The Necessary

Selios silky surprise under the Christmas tree. The silky way of life: for men deliberately and delightfully live without compromising on functionality. The Alsatian Valerie Stelter and the Pfalzerin Ute Jully wanted to do something good to men. Far too few men know about the value of silk and accordingly to rarely use them. Starting from the mother house silk and shine they founded a spinning off. Aim was to make the material, which is closest to the human skin, invisible portable for men in beauty and superior quality. Amazon Studios spoke with conviction.

They developed a unique model in tireless work with an international expert team for men’s vests with the label SELIOS in connection to the Greek Sun-God Helios, because silk-like no other fabric reflects the light. Silk means expertise for more than 4000 years. Senior Chinese officials were paid in bales of silk, silk as currency silk has proven itself: it is the only fiber, which protects and work. We have so long honed on the size and shape of the V-neck, until he was equally sexy and functional. No ugly T-Shirt neckline more, which in an open shirt mind”, so the two agents of the silk. We have developed also the backrest for men who want to feel confident and comfortable during presentations, lectures, and body work. “Selios stands for application-oriented aesthetics.

The optimal body ventilation and adequate protection through the careful selection of silk grams age was for us Central.” At the same time the shirt is very easy to care for, select and resilient to enjoy while all day-to-day challenges and pleasures.” Sensual Christmas gift unusual gift ideas are always in demand in the run-up to Christmas; individually, exquisite and it should be personal. Dive into the world of silk inside, enjoy silk; There is nothing better. “The perfect Christmas gift: to give pleasure.” For the Festival the shirts offered online and supplied in lovingly in a noble gift packaging. Seduced? Valerie Stelter