Fast And Effective Language Learning: The Skrivanek INET Language

Translation service Skrivanek E-learning course for company leads a Berlin Skrivanek Germany now offers E-learning courses for companies in addition to translations. Overall, the E-learning course Skrivanek iNET language source more than 11 languages is available. The E-learning course offering includes the languages English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and German as a foreign language. In the Skrivanek iNET language course, the participant enters an online learning environment with interactive and multimedia designed content. Also, numerous exercises, workshops and a personal care provide a customized language training. With E-learning company through effective learning can reduce the number of training days. On the one hand the Skrivanek granted iNET language staff referred and the E-learning course enables time-independent learning, on the other hand the company to lower your costs and the time required for operational training. In the course of globalization and the need for language skills will grow increasingly the international interweaving of relationships, because success in exporting is closely related to knowledge of foreign languages and the teaching of culture and traditions.

Who wants to talk to people in international companies, must speak their language. In times of scarce financial and temporal resources, E-learning is a flexible and cost-effective way to language acquisition for company”, says Stephan Liedtke, marketing employees at Skrivanek. The constant cost pressure is forcing companies to reduce their investments in the education and training of employees. Traditional training (long journeys, downtime in the company) are usually time-consuming and cost-intensive (travel, hotel, fees). By the technological progress and the spread of the Internet, many E-learning companies see as an alternative learning method.

Skrivanek already in 5 countries successfully offers its E-learning courses and wants this recipe for success with the step Germany continue. About Skrivanek the translation service Skrivanek is one of the leading providers of translation and localization services in Central and Eastern Europe. With a world-wide branch network and more than 4000 external translators, realized Skrivanekubersetzungsauftrage in over 40 languages, and is specialized in numerous areas of expertise at the same time. iNET language course of the Skrivanek iNET language is an online language training for companies, which can be easily integrated into the continuing vocational training. The company can choose between 2 E-learning courses without or with tutoring. The Skrivanek iNET language course is offered for the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and German as a foreign language.