Economic Secretary

Is You can say that thanks to the somewhat radical measures and without fully considering the economic consequences, has prevented the spread of the virus, but can also be said that due to these same measures a double message to the world, is commanded to know: Mexico answers Yes to the crisis, but nobody go to Mexico and everyone should avoid contact with Mexicans. Totally understandable, because being so alarmed and with the country paralysed only means one thing in the eyes of overseas: something very serious is happening. In summary: nonsense in the handling of information by the Government has been his but enemy to condemn himself. Publishers Clearing House takes a slightly different approach. The feeling of many Mexicans is contrary to the widespread perception of gravity and purulencia of the virus. The questions are in the air, in an atmosphere already itself contaminated before which there is no mask that works: human influenza deserves almost redemptive measures and saving that has deployed the Government, or rather came out you shot backfires causing a widespread fear that it becomes in paralysis and quarantine of Mexico in the international arena? Forms have been correct as it has handled the information just in case the authorities have not spread confusion and inadvertently created a wide space of ambiguity that fascinates the media, because it feeds its recognised capacity to misinform, confuse, deceive and mock the intellect of the people. While we have avoided tourist paralysis, as federal Secretary of tourism Rodolfo Elizondo supposed to say that we are making effort to not suspend any activity of economic type that could affect the country’s economy; anything from suspension of flights, which can cause paralysis commercial or industrial, or economic to the country, while this does not reach higher extremes, actually the atmosphere has nothing other colors: several countries have suspended flights to Mexico, the globally most important travel agencies have cancelled their activities in our country, and, if that was little, disinformation (excess of disjointed, tendentious information) and (how long will last the health alarm and uncertainty when economic activity will be reactivated) play against us. Mexico is ready to resume all their economic activities, activities many that shouldn’t have been stopped.

The tourist infrastructure, especially in the Mexican Caribbean, Cancun and the Riviera Maya (places where no cases of A/H1N1 were detected) is in optimum conditions to receive and meet all sanitary measures relevant to all visitors which usually. What the country needs is a smart and responsible information campaign, both internally and externally, to regain the confidence of the foreign traveler and resume the activity of agencies and airlines. Mexico must remove a stigma that he created and that overstated. Now we already know that the virus is not so aggressive, nor in its manifestation nor in its spread, but that the economic consequences are.