Commerce White

For the beginning of its activity in Portugal, the franchise Center has chosen the city of Viana do Castelo (48,500 inhabitants, 76 kilometers from Oporto and Vigo 94), where, hand in hand with the franchisees Armindo da Silva and Veronica Jasmin, has inaugurated a brand-new establishment of 25 m. With glazed facade, is located inside the DC Estacao Viana Shopping, nerve center of the city to treat the commercial solution that completes the offer of consumption and leisure of the exchanger of urban and intercity transport. With this opening, the Spanish franchise specializing in perfumeries of white line begins a progressive development in the neighboring country. For companies Spanish Portuguese market opening has been an opportunity for its internationalization and expansion of its market.

Not in vain, the franchise sector has evolved very positively for some years in this country, having been implemented in the Portuguese market more than 450 brands of franchise with nearly 6,500 stores in operation. And it is, with this pace of inaugurations is not surprising that the company has an expansion plan which envisages achieving the Christmas season 2011 with hundreds of establishments open to the public in all Spain. And it is not simple optimism, because the negotiations are already ripe with the new additions before the entry of the winter. An offer that reaches 150 perfumes of white mark on a store designed to achieve a triple customer loyalty, is the business concept that Refan puts at the disposal of third parties, since although at the beginning it is a buy on impulse, later the quality and the price makes it a sale of loyalty. In addition, found also in stores other cosmetic products, articles for the bathroom and natural soaps of boutique, says Jaime Berdejo, general director of the company. And it is that in all markets, consumption habits that are being imposed incide white markings or generic products, since the smart buyer does not want to pay brand, but do so only for a product; that Yes, with a minimum of quality.

The current consumer recognizes and appreciates the quality of a perfume and its price is 10 times lower in the market which the brand equivalent occurs if a loyalty. In addition, each day large chains offer brands white high quality, very similar to the original, often made by the same manufacturers who come to the consumer up to 50% cheaper. MORE information: Signature Refan Bulgaria was created in 1991 as a family company dedicated to the Commerce of imported perfumes and cosmetics. Later it develops and deploys, creating, little by little, their own technological development links and developing a production of perfumery, cosmetics, bath products and natural soaps of boutique. Over the past years the company imposes on the Bulgarian and international market with its own trade mark, and with this name offers its production in Bulgaria, rest of Europe, Africa and Asia. Refan Equivalenza SL Spanish society has signed a contract with representatives of Refan Bulgaria to develop exclusive perfumery of equivalence with the brand Equivalenza Refan, through a network of shops and specialized kiosks. Equivalenza also offers to its stores and kiosks the complete catalog of his partner Refan products, which complement the offer.