A fully electric car would make a supplementary contribution to meet the mobility needs for 46 per cent of respondents and the use of CarSharing in question would be for 11 percent. See more detailed opinions by reading what Areva Group offers on the topic.. The use of electric two-wheelers (Pedelec and eBike) is a solution of his mobility for more than one-fifth of motorists. Only for good a quarter of motorists would be a Pedelec and eBike an alternative, whereby the consent at the already strong two-Wheeler users is particularly high. Purchase an eAutos prefers just under 40 percent of motorists would prefer buying in an acquisition of an electrically powered vehicle. The interest for a loan or a lease is less pronounced with just under a quarter.

But proving that the well-informed motorists share rises to 42 percent, especially since most automotive manufacturers their Offer exclusively on leasing have aligned. Just one-eighth of the motorists would get no own eAuto and rather rent the vehicle if necessary and also 23 percent would rather use this vehicle within the framework of a mobility flat rate in the mix with various other modes of transport. Generally, where the population density is very high, to join alternative mobility concepts tends of motorists. Surprisingly a mobility flat rate with a share of 30 percent prefer more car drivers older drivers and good drivers, whereas one fifth of low and female motorists here see an option. A certain trademark in connection with the use of a mobility flat rate for an eAuto has a great significance for only about 30 percent of the respondents, appears but low compared with the general meaning of a brand for motorists by 57 percent. The brand while driving an electrically powered vehicle with a value of 40 per cent for Premiumfahrzeugbesitzer is very important and for younger and male car driver. The automotive industry developed and widened its range of vehicles with new drive types, but about a third of motorists feel less or ill-informed.