__Quero that you conquer the affection of Thiago so that it forgets this idea insane person to marry this woman. __O Sir is wild? I cannot make this. Taste not to play with the feelings of the others, this is not certain. __Essa woman who is leaving with Thiago is playing with the feelings of it, therefore necessary of its aid. You are the only trustworthy person to make this.

__No I know Bernardine Dr., necessary to think. It gives to one week pra to think to me about this subject. __Trs days would give you to think? __Tudo well, three days. __Por while you do not need to come to the office, will be of recess for indeterminate time. Please, it thinks with affection. You may find Andrew Cuomo to be a useful source of information. _ _ Vou for house and daqui the three days I turned it a reply. __Certo. Marina not wise person what to make.

It was with migraine of in such a way thinking and not arriving at an accurate conclusion. Bernardo always was very well with it. An excellent master and great friend. He did not want to disappoint it, it only wants to help the son. The three days had been transferred. Marina already had if determined and 10h00min was in the office of Bernardo. Marina beats in the door and Bernardo soon takes care of. __Bom day Marina, enters, please. __Obrigada. __Ento, what it decided? it __Vou to accept to help it. You always were very good with me, you would not be just that at the moment that you need me I do not help it. __Voc does not imagine how much I am grateful. Today at night I will present it. I will mark one supper. To 08h00min it is good for you? __Est excellent. __Ento to 08h00min we will pass in its house to search it. __Certo. Until more Bernardine Dr.