Alex Ferguson

" The second &quot will be the trainer; , for that the delegated advisor has given a term of " ten das" , and " the third party is plantilla". " The club lived in permanent convulsion. We want that professional soccer and soccer base are one. Roadman and Eyrie are both maximum representatives of the soccer department, but everything with a same one structure, not like before she was differentiated. The trainer is going it to us to propose Roadman and we cannot be long time without decidir" , it explained on the next technician. After evaluating to Luis Enrique like " a person perfectly capacitada" , just as " the ten trainers who have left in the press in one semana" , Gil Marin described the profile that they look for: " It must be able to understand this club, that it is not easy; to take the relations with means well; and over that he is able to secure the minimum objective, to enter Liga de Campeones". After contracting a trainer, the objective of the equipment rojiblanco will be to define " a group that is hecha" and that " the unique thing that can alterar" it will come on the part of " Of Gea and Agero" and its possible crossings. " Of Gea it has not signed with the Manchester " , it assured Gil, contradicting the words of Alex Ferguson, that the past week it gave by made the hiring of the guardameta. Source of the news: Gil Marin: " Omen can go to the Bara, and the Alcorcn also; to Real Madrid, no".