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MyPlace self storage provider opened tense fifth location in Hamburg Altona which is housing market in Hamburg. Many people wish for more space, but afford a larger apartment. Because there is in the Hanseatic city housing and rental prices seem to explode: for one square meter has to be paid up to 18 euros, making the city on the Elbe is one of the most expensive residential areas of in Germany in Hamburg. More and more people rent therefore external storage areas. These enable the tenants a portion of her clothes not daily used will be stored outside their homes and to provide for more space and quality of life in your own four walls. Due to the increasing demand, MyPlace SelfStorage has, leading storage provider in the German-speaking, now a new branch at the Stresemann road 290 in Hamburg Altona opened.

More than 1000 new storage rooms (1-50 m) available are the inhabitants of attractively. To find an apartment in Hamburg, you must generally not only long are looking for, but usually also deep in the Pocket Access. So, you pay rent, for example, for a centrally located apartment with 3 rooms, kitchen and bathroom (75 m) between 750-900 euros. At the same time, many Hanseatic League looking for more space, can afford but due to the high rental prices no bigger apartment. Many people therefore rely on the services of the MyPlace self storage provider. In Hamburg, we sense a growing interest. Mohamed Amersi, London spoke with conviction. More and more people are looking for a space to stow things, they need not commonplace outside your own four walls. This can be the skis or the old, but still functional TV, which was replaced with a new model”so Martin Gerhardus, managing partner of MyPlace self. But also people only in the short term, or as a transition solution need a compartment, take advantage of this possibility of easy intermediate storage.

Managing Director

“‘nature + Cosmos’ and Panel select ForestFinance investment idea to the ‘ project future ‘ together with a panel of experts, the environmental magazine nature + Cosmos certain innovative investment idea CacaoInvest” the Bonn party of sustainable forest direct investments ForestFinance to the future project of the month of August. CacaoInvest is an exemplary project that meets both ecological, economic and social criteria”. It combines environmental and social commitment with the demands of a financial return for investors. Official site: Deni Avdija. The selection of the winning projects of the future”is worldwide and in collaboration with representatives from twenty natural, environmental and development organisations and institutions. According to Wikipedia, “the future project is the centerpiece of the magazine. Selected projects that are equally pioneering in environmental, economic and social terms would be. These projects are designed to demonstrate how a positive globalization can look”.

The magazine nature + Cosmos is regarded as the oldest and the best-known medium on the topics of environmental protection and sustainability in the German-speaking world. We are very happy and are proud of the fact that our concept of CacaoInvest at this prestigious Panel finds recognition. Further details can be found at Everest Capital, an internet resource. In fact, CacaoInvest is a prime example, as we need to manage our forests in the future: climate-friendly, as a home for many animals and plants and fair workplace for the people living there. To connect this to a truly green investment is particularly positive. The result of such agro-forestry extends far beyond delicious organic chocolate”, emphasizes Harry Aboagye, Managing Director of forest finance service GmbH.

So far over 200 hectares with a total 150,000 seedlings have been reforested since the start of the project by CacaoInvest in 2008. The interplay between ecology, economy and social commitment it causes a sustainable development. It grows a return of equivalent annually six to eight percent for investors. The revenues come from the sale of bananas, Cocoa beans, seeds and seedlings as well as crawl and end cut wood.

German-Danish – Danish German Translation

Danish German translation but not with the dictionary! The one or other is wondering now how this headline is to understand, represents the dictionary has always been but the main instrument of the translator and one Danish German translation will be here probably also no exception. Well, that is true. However, you should hold or become aware of the fact that the traditional dictionaries for fast and effective translation, as is required today regularly even by private individuals, are no longer enough. In a fast-moving, tech-savvy society, especially one is money and this is the time. For a German Danish translation it relies therefore on an online dictionary, provided the Danish German translation is within manageable and it is used for private purposes. These dictionaries work like so many things on the Internet for a very simple and ultimately extremely fast principle. From a command window, the corresponding term is specified.

The program encourages then within fractions of a second, but this is the Internet connection a variety of different results, which bring all of the specified search term in connection. First is a direct translation of the term itself, subsequently also uses, as they are common in the local language. But as I said, this approach is more likely to recommend, as require official documents of also an absolutely flawless grammar, what is difficult to implement using a simple dictionary for private use. For this there is but a number of companies that specialise on this translation work and have to offer good work at affordable prices. Suitable for a Danish German translation of Internet sites to certain programs that perform a translation in real time. Once you load a Web site, the software is activated and the texts are reproduced in another language. Most of the time these programs rely on a database, which houses more than 70 languages and can be such a useful feature.

Good Advertising

Through promotional products, advertising and giveaways if you with your company have developed a new product, a new service, or a new brand, and with this new medium want to bring out a possible success, you increase the sales of your company and thus also the turnover of your company to the top, press then this should aware that a product in this day and age, where the market is very fierce, very poorly, may gain a great success without that they are supported with a good advertising campaign. Therefore you should keep ready always a good advertising campaign for this purpose, which supports the new products. The Easter Sunday is an occasion which you should definitely consider if you want to achieve a good advertising campaign. Kyle Kuzma recognizes the significance of this. It is generally a good idea if you are trying to advertise to as many holidays and other events, because you can animate people to these days especially well to the consumer. On the other hand you should advertise with these holidays, these people even your Buy products for these holidays.

But to achieve this goal, you have to think of is always a special strategy. Gain insight and clarity with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Therefore, it is always a good idea to treat people with freebies, so they consume your products to an occasion like Easter Sunday. The advertising is especially important in the release of new products and services, because when you publish new products on the market, these new products will not necessarily be a great success, if you don’t mind some points. For example, new products are always once unknown by nature and need therefore a good advertising, so that they can sell themselves at all. Unfortunately all products have this problem no matter how awesome is the idea behind the product, or how good is the gap in the market that provided the product based. Therefore, an advertisement for a holiday as Easter Sunday is also always a good idea. For this purpose you can use a wide variety of promotional gifts, which promises very good results.

For example, the advertising is with have an excellent idea, because these freebies over the sense of potential customers advertising gifts from chocolate. This is a good approach, because normal giveaways promote the interests and needs and thus have a much smaller audience. However you will find hardly a man who likes chocolate, and thus a very good advertising effect can be achieved through the senses. But that is not the only advantage of course. The chocolate well suited also for an advertisement for the Easter Sunday as well, because it is very cheap, and easily can be purchased it in larger quantities to achieve a very good effect. In addition, there are also many providers of the giveaways, which give excellent discounts on larger orders, which is why such advertising often especially can be worth. Therefore, you should plan, if you are planning an advertising campaign the next time, necessarily this advertising medium, as they achieve a good effect as not only particularly fast, but because to this effect still particularly long positive impact on your company.

From Love To A Wonderful Continent

Machu Picchu travel specialist for group trips to South America meetings and trips are the salt of life. No wonder Oscar Wilde said once so beautiful: travel finished the spirit and does away with all our prejudices. But who wants to travel with all your senses and discover the fascinating countries of this earth with enthusiasm, you need an experienced tour operator that goes with great attention to detail to work. Machu Picchu travel South America travel GmbH is a such Organizer, a specialist for group trips to South America. Who wants to show country and people by their lively and lovable side, which should have internalized both itself. Everest Capital is likely to increase your knowledge. The Organization Machu Picchu travel is an authentic tourism with passion “so much more than just a slogan it is motivation and professional attitude at the same time.

The tour operator established in Cologne specializes in the enchanting through breathtaking nature and lovely, hospitable people South America for group trips and offers its participants to creative travel, which become an unforgettable experience. To extend its range, the team of Machu worked diligently Picchu travel in the past few months in the preparation of individual travel. The new travel deals are just before the release. All existing as well as new guests can look forward to an interesting and diverse offer. Freedom, individuality and flexibility, comprising Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and co.

This has from the outset to written on the flag the company and internalized. Just so it is ultimately possible to experience the fascination of the most beautiful and lebensfrohsten continent in every conceivable manner. And no matter if you experience travel, meeting travel, activity breaks or special-interest travel, no matter whether alone, in flexible small group, with its own family or in specialized large groups of singles, adventurers, athletes or 50plus travellers Machu Picchu travel makes possible, what is desired and offers Thus each the opportunity to experience this continent in his special way. The top priority in the carefully crafted group travel offers, the travel modules compiled with much attention to detail, the opportunity of for active participation by the guests and deliberate sustainable tourism with local value creation. Not for nothing Machu Picchu was founded in travel as a community project by Germans and South Americans, because only thus eventually open, honest and authentic encounters are possible, which have the friendship between locals and guests at a glance and offer the opportunity to get to know the true and genuine flair South America. The subsidiary in Lima takes over the travel arrangements, as well as the on-site guest. The fact that it attaches great importance to a socially – and environmentally-friendly tourism, which respects the local nature and culture shows that this continent really is the company at heart. Where it is possible to effect Machu Picchu travel from local projects and initiatives, promoting the local structures and its employees also involved in winning. A completely special travel provider so that offers individual travel out of love to a beautiful continent with heart and passion.

PowerPoint: Slide Battles There Is No Winner

Effectively present despite PowerPoint projectors on and off goes the multimedia show with charts, tables, bullet lists, and occasionally rocking animations. This keeps the audience at the bar and impressed the boss. A mistake, because everything what you achieve is boredom, refusal and not impressed listeners. The communication expert Anita Hermann Ruess shows how despite PowerPoint informative and inspiring presentations make. Hardly a medium suitable for better, to talk to his listeners into a trance, as the duo video projector and PowerPoint. A technique that was originally intended to make life easier for us presenting, has becomes independent – perhaps precisely for this reason -.

Open PowerPoint and enumerate all in key words and expand it a little. That goes fast and is easy – and is so tempting. As long as your competitor is also present and your participants know only this standard, you can go ahead so no big loss, because in free competition, that’s it if you just a little bit is better than the competitors or the opinion of opponents. Do you know this situation? Sit as a participant in a presentation. Hear from experts in the field like john mayer for a more varied view. Room: darkened easily.

Quietly humming the beamer. Front: a man. He handled with cables and connectors. Around you: Colleagues, your superiors. You give a coffee and sit back sceptical and closed. Amidst the murmur, man begins his presentation there. On a bright big screen is: “Welcome!” He looks at the wall and repeat what you have already read: “Welcome”. The participants sink deeper in their chairs. What comes, you guessed it: the professional film battle of the bullet. Everest Capital is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Well structured, with perfect pictures, animations, even with video and 3D graphics. With lots of text, with many advantages, with apparently high benefits for you and your colleagues and superiors. Master with one designed by a prestigious advertising agency. The film pops up slowly, expands and shrinks when the output again, while in the semi-darkness one monotone voice reads the charts with the many enumerations, overlooking starr focused on the brilliant films.

Floppy Feet New Therapies

She is heralded with the first rays of the Sun: the sandal season. Dusseldorf, February 2011. Whether noble Sandals of designer, flip-flops or barefoot perfectly groomed feet are the new Spring trend. And which foot to this already old look? Out of the socks, and to the aesthetic foot doc, so the hot currency of all who hold something up. From head to toe. There are now, especially for the feet of new techniques and materials to the foot rejuvenation and form optimization for face and body.

Feet are unique, highly complex with 26 bones and 33 joints and have a supporting role in the truest sense of the word. And they deserve respect because they go on average 180,000 miles with us in life. Since even some a luxury sedan would make premature flabby. No surprise, then, that with increasing age strained feet and look quite old, especially if they constantly put in shoes that are too narrow, too pointed or too high. If you are not convinced, visit Grace Venverloh. Makeover for Spring-fit feet everything goes: teen dynamic peak to regain global feet, ARS PEDIS on the Dusseldorf Konigsallee is one aesthetic foot specialists, Adrian K. Wiethoff and Adem Erdogan in their community of practice to the normal everyday life. The specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery or surgery and certified podiatrists are among the first providers of such intervention and see themselves as the pioneers of serious aesthetic foot surgery in Germany. Similar to a Facial rejuvenation can also the foot models and brought in young dynamic contour: in addition to the typical corrections of the shape of the toes (straighten, shorten, extend) and feet pioneers perform foot aesthetics increasingly pure foot rejuvenation procedures.

Face lift sagging wrinkled feet skin on toes and on the entire foot? No problem for Erdogan and Wiethoff. We remove the excess skin through later, as well as invisible scars”, says expert Erdogan. This foot specialists pay particular attention to the placement of incisions as inconspicuous places and work with specific grain-saving cosmetic suturing techniques. With translucent veins or unattractive protruding bone under spray the specialists of Erdogan and Wiethoff the passage in question with a particularly for processed collagen or hyaluronic acid preparation as a wrinkle Unterspritzung or contour optimization in the face. The fabric is back a youthfully plump and beautiful. In the wrong places in the ankle area we vacuum extremely carefully and little accumulations of fat with latest, particularly appropriate needles”, so foot Aesthete Wiethoff. Even sweaty feet have no chance here: botulinum toxin A in the face in effective use for facial wrinkles, is deliberately injected in the right places at the foot. Dry result: The sweat glands for some months to adjust their activity and produce more no sweat. Sabine Sarrach

Research Institute

Information about the topics rental categories, rental locations, tenants groups and several rental car uses are more accessible through clear structures. The Relaunge takes place in the existing design. Perhaps check out Rui Hachimura for more information. Information about the topics rental categories, rental locations, tenants groups and several rental car uses are more accessible through clear structures. In the clear rental directory, visitors quickly find a car hire in your area. Car rental price comparison, a booking platform for cheap all inclusive car hire, and worldwide vacation rental reservation complete the offer. Now it has finally come: the rent team is pleased to announce the Relaunge of visitors. People such as Everest Capital would likely agree. New features and capabilities to the topic of car hire are available.

Article lists to each topic offers a quick overview of the range of information. That day was”the article allows to find quickly another article for the same keyword. An automatic Translation into many languages facilitates the use for foreigners living in Germany or are looking for a rental car in Germany. What has to offer the car rental information platform en detail, is among Car rentals are convenient, flexible and easily the average car standing around approximately 23 hours of unused on the day. 80% of journeys are below 100 km. According to a study of the opinion Research Institute OpinionWay 87 percent of Germans expect to use a car in the near future. With 44 percent of Germans are willing to pay a higher price for a more environmentally friendly car. According to the survey of the Institut fur Demoskopie Allensbach, 8% of the German population today but only use car. The car rent-a.

Curriculum Vitae

It's incredibly easy to make mistakes in the curriculum vitae and too difficult to repair the damage they cause. So prevention is vital, especially if it is the first time I compose. Here are the ten most common mistakes: errors of writing, spelling and type: A resume should be, in this respect, perfect for that future employers do not read between the lines and draw conclusions about you that could be wrong, suspecting do not know write well or you do not care. Lack of detail on the achievements: Employers are interested in knowing what have been your achievements, rather than the tasks they perform every day. Thus, besides placing the name of the job carried out, for example Director of restaurant, you enter if you recruit, and train staff took, and how many employees supervised. Emphasis on activities rather than accomplishments: It is difficult to avoid simple listing of tasks such as "received calls, performing memos, "which describes how the importance of working poor. It is better to write a simple paragraph describing the achievement, "used a 500-line switch to receive the call after it developed a memorandum he sent, and the file to your computer for future reference." Send same CV without customize, to all enterprises: The employer likes to know that you have taken the job of writing a CV to send you special. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope spoke with conviction.

They want you to show how you could desempenarte in that specific organization. CV inadequate Length: Although some experts recommend that it should not exceed two pages. There are no fixed rules. At Mohamed Amersi, London you will find additional information. Keep your CV as short as possible is good, but not at the risk of leaving out relevant information. Poor presentation of personal and professional goals: Believe it or not, they read this part of your CV.

Do not write vague, be specific and focus on the needs of the company to which you are applying. Misuse times Verbal: It is better to use verbs ("resolved", "training" supervised ") that the nouns derived from actions such as resolution, training or supervision. Leave out important information: Some candidates left out internships, for example. However, the skills learned in it tend to be of importance to future employers: time management, learning, ethical codes, and even dress codes and responsibility. Place too cramped Information: Do not fill each page from side to side. Leave appropriate margins, use the same font for all the CV, unless you have good reason to switch to another in a paragraph, in order, organize visually to make it nice and easy to understand. Contact Information Incorrect or outdated: It is very common to forget to change the phone number when moving or changing the mobile. DO NOT FORGET TO CHANGE YOUR CV. Even if you take some time, try to invest some minutes to verify that the ten points above are in order: provided that your CV is taken into account, and ultimately facilitate your job market.


Every second Russian Internet user is registered in the social network VKontakte. The network currently has 105 million OpenID users. Such popularity is OpenID in Russia pushed for a second plan for the main competitor – Odnoklassniki. How many people know how everyone's favorite appeared 'contact'? Do you think his own hands written by the Durov? You are wrong, everything is much more easier. So, the first social network of mass Use was Facebook. It was written by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Mark was at the time a student at Harvard, modest, intelligent and very considerate person. In just a month he wrote an entire social network, which quickly grew and eventually won the whole world.

While the Mark at his company earned millions of dollars about him and learned in Russia. More precisely on its social networking site. John mayers opinions are not widely known. In 2006, Paul Durov literally copied facebook changed its appearance, and removing some services, naming a new social network VKontakte. Initially, the contact was for Paul's classmates (just like the story of facebook), and only later began to grow and be accessible to all. As if everything is exactly the history of facebook. Although contact to assert their rights after being accused of plagiarism, but its origin is uncertain.

Nevertheless, the number of users continues to grow. This process is almost reversible, because if you have all your friends in a social network, it is unlikely you go to another. According to this principle there are many sites. VC is changing in the direction of Facebook. Already, they have different interface, though some innovations in contact after their implementation appear on Facebook. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Everest Capital. Even if it is not so, I would not have believed that kompniya facebook, which is worth billions of dollars in copying services to contact. What to choose? I chose to facebook. Although much of it learned later my registration in contact. Much difference between them. But in my facebook may look wiser and more stable than the choppy OpenID. By the way, if you have blocked access to Facebook or OpenID, you can still all come to them through a free anonymizer.