The Qur

That is the correct order of the revelations to know is crucial. Thus, it is not possible simply to say this or do that, because it’s in the Koran. Flutterwave spoke with conviction. It is not enough that in the Koran something was said or not said, is crucial to know whether or not repealed it in other verses. This principle requires people stop tearing some Quran paragraph out of context to give a religious appearance their desire to anarchy. III.

the conferences by the moderate Islamic cultural organisations be performed in certain key principles can be explained and deepened. Presenters can recite the exact verses of the Holy Qur’an on important issues at these conferences. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Patricia Kessler Poppe. You can handle the following issues: a. the Qur’an recommends not stoning as a Muslim death penalty. Stonings are not part of the Islamic Punishment Canon. The Qur’an describes only this way to kill as a common method of suppression of despots and tyrants, to spread fear and terror among the population in General and in particular Monotheists and freethinkers to terrorize. Never a prophet or Messenger of God has threatened someone with stoning, however, many saints and prophets are been stoned or threatened by despots with stoning.

But nowadays this type is carried out by death penalty as Islamic punishment in some Muslim countries such as Iran, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc.. (b). No Quranic verse mentions circumcision of girls in childhood as a religious obligation. But can today from Muslim countries their girls in the West cut back, parents. In the West, circumcisions of young girls are a crime, because they do nothing else as a mutilation of a body part. c. from the point of view of the Qur’an, individual responsibility, free will, freedom of choice and free opinion represent important characteristics of humanity. The difference between humans and animals in the ability to distinguish contrasting and sometimes conflicting values of things from people and to select the best.

The Syrian

Disputes can bring advantage only at the political level and by democratic and constitutional means. That still has to be learned. A Committee of both organizations could agree on the 31 December 2011 on some common principles (in a joint paper) and devised a plan to unify the Syrian opposition and the organizing of a Syrian General Conference. In this agreement, important points were addressed as E.g. the consolidation of the separation of powers: legislative, Executive, and judicial; Protection of the foundations of democracy (in particular freedom of expression, Association and freedom of Assembly; political pluralism, and the decentralisation of management). I asked myself but the question why the SNC were explicitly the rights of the indigenous Assyrian Christians and their national existence in their programme mentions, but not considered in this paper? This is me, what about the indigenous people of Syria, some fear. Were influential forces in the SNC against such an agreement, which meant that the Executive Committee of the SNC rejected that agreement.

The Syrian also she rejected revolution General Commission. In the design the new Syrian Constitution has set the regime with a move also Islamist trends and Islamic jurisprudence (Alfiqh) wants to make a main source of legislation. This paragraph leaves open, missed what laws are now taken from the Koran and the Sunna, and some steps in the direction of a modern Constitution. I wonder how one here can talk about secularism, have their main source of laws in the Alfigh. Can we talk about a modern rule of law then? Because the Islamists would want to introduce also likes this. What can again restrict the freedom of the citizens with the Islamic law and rights of Christians will be cut significantly. Here, I see a consensus between the regime and the Islamists give a justice for Christians in the sense of the dhimmi.

Rutto Martinez

The simple arithmetic of his primary studies will serve you to remove accounts 50 + 15 is equal to 65. Sixty-five litres are more than three pimpinas, a vessel of 20 litres that his uncles used to sell gasoline in Riohacha and Maicao. Pimpinas is much more than his old donkey can charge and a single trip to transport it through the paths of stone and dust which lead to the rancheria. To load all that liquid You will need to make three trips and use valuable time that could serve to learn the secrets of arithmetic, the joy of the letters and the rhythms of the drum of the yonna, typical dance of his people. The new day has come, and MOM Lucinda warns him that it is time to go to fetch the water.

She starts the routine of the day, saddle his ass and ensures the mucuras, but note that one of the containers still has a little water and therefore knows that I Choco, their faithful dog is still thirsty. Invites you to drink and then starts his daily journey toward the mill. To know more about this subject visit Mark Ethier. Their little brothers see it slowly away down that road so many times gone. They are small and may not accompany her, but Rosalinda will not travel alone: Choco has finished drinking and now runs to reach it. In a few hours the mucuras will return overflowing its valuable content and Rosalinda may go back to school where he learns to become familiar with the numbers and letters. Someday will be like Aunt MIldre, who studied much and today is a doctor in a hospital distant. Maybe then you’ll read a magazine in which becomes aware that the water is running out and already can not spend 65 liters in the bathroom. You then return to remember happy times of childhood that only looked back to see the innocent of their siblings goodbye and Choco crazy race to achieve it.

Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian academic whose articles are published on websites, newspapers and magazines of several countries of the world. Recently was he awarded the prize for journalism of the CERREJ?N in the modaidad of the internet. He is frequently invited to seminars and conferences in various cities.

In Western Europe

It is apparently a mixture of political and economic refugees. Can we help Africans with economic resources sufficient? Why did the Africa help so little? Why has the support of Asia led to opposite results? > Imperialism is the aspiration of a nation or its leader, to extend its influence to other countries or peoples, to their submission and inclusion in the own environment. You may find Transfer Wise to be a useful source of information. This includes an unequal economic, cultural and territorial relationship to build and to maintain. Imperialism was also for a number of ancient large rich ex post accepted. The term as such was coined in the 16th century and was at the time as a negative term for a military power and rule based despotism contrary to the rule of law. The late 19th century is regarded as the actual age of imperialism, the term imperialism should be separated from the colonialism. In a question-answer forum Satoshi Nakamoto was the first to reply.

… Imperialism the practice, theory and the behavior rules of a dominant urban centre compared to a ruled distant territory”, the province. Colonialism was no longer as the colonization of distant countries. … Imperialism from the Centre operate as State policy, while colonialism to mean no more than settlement or economic development. > The Congo Conference (or West Africa Conference) took place from November 15, 1884-February 26, 1885, at the invitation of German Chancellor Bismarck in Berlin and should regulate the freedom of trade in the Congo and Niger.

It is also known as Berlin Conference. Its final document, the Congo acts formed the basis for the Division of Africa in Colonies. In Western Europe, the boundaries that have emerged since the migrations, conflicts and wars over several centuries and were adapted often of course given geographical conditions determined by Exchange (yet there are still anomalies like only the little Walser Valley Austrian by Germany from zuganglische). > At the height of European imperialism in the late 19th century boundaries between new laid down after the Berlin Congo Conference created territories.

Andrew Corentt

Many people achieve their goals in the long term, because they are introducing changes so slowly, this implies that you a greater ease of adaptation of his subconscious mind, it is logical that this implies a lower resistance, but we are facing a dilemma, we achieve the things slowly and so avoid a high emotional cost or seek the materialization in shortest time although we have to pay with a greater sacrifice. Only you can define the response, by experience I can tell you that most people want things that considers urgent, others may qualify as goals in the medium and long term, in reality there is an effective way for each case, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt explains us the requirements for the effective functioning of a goalfor example when we have an emergent situation can pose us a compelling goal, i.e. achieve a powerful agreement with our subconscious, if we are capable of transmitting images of our deep desires then they will materialize. Patti Poppe is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The subconscious mind usually acts slowly but when there’s an emergency knows that he has to act with power, is for this reason that when we’ve been in big trouble and it is urgent to leave them then it is common to see an unexpected solution, actually internally we have acted with power. Change paradigms in a person’s mind is task for brave, but if that change brings extraordinary benefits then it’s worth the effort needed to achieve the life we want, you look for what he loves, does not accept other things that away from his own happiness, discover their goals and run after its realization, you are a wonderful and powerful personall you need is to awaken this super virtue Dios has conferred him. original author and source of the article..

Social Inventiveness

Including in the edition of " Social&quot inventiveness; of Saturday, 11 of October of 2008, 08:44 a.m. that ERA takes like title the LIFE DRESSED LIFE AND TIME Tengo the propensity to study the lines of continuity and ruptures of Argentine occurring, observing what happens and having as frame around world-wide occurring, particularly the one of the epicenters that seemed to have but influences on that to occur. Weeks back we recalled the forty years of the appearance of the book of Pern " The hour of the Pueblos". Kind we passed the barrier of the sixty, we lived with intensity " Setentas". See more detailed opinions by reading what San Diego Gas & Electric Compan offers on the topic.. In the middle of the convulsions of the time, we did not read this book carefully (it is necessary to remember that to the time of its appearance, the Peronism was even proscripto). When it reads it carefully to one, sees that book, was the platform from where Pern made its last messages.

He anticipated the fall of Soviet imperialism and the fall of imperialism yanki. First " implot" in 1989, and the second would be fragmenting now We are children of the Conference of Environment of Stockholm of 1972.Y from that event and the liberation of the price of the 1973 petroleum, preceded a year before by the liberation of the quote of gold; we come studying and preaching about the necessity to think that he was almost insoslayable to begin to think to live on a way radically different from which praised " life&quot american way of; , by these earth absorbed acrticamente by our peculiar middle-class (so stigmatised by Jauretche and Kusch) but that in its impoverishment even follows " dictando" you rule to the thickness of the Argentine population. In that way we did not feel single. It endorsed that one almost prophetic message to us of Pern of February of 1972.

Italian Marco Simoncelli

The Spanish rider still does not forget the incident that took with the Italian at Le Mans. He believes that forgiveness is not sufficient and considered that it called too late. Jorge Lorenzo also attacked Simoncelli and said he does not believe that he will change. Spanish Dani Pedrosa (Honda) said in Mugello, where this Sunday will be the Grand Prix of Italy, and in relation to the controversy that keeps with Italian Marco Simoncelli (Honda): you can not put the horns to your wife and then say sorry. The dispute between the two extends from the past May 15 the transalpine provoke in Le Mans, in the Grand Prix de France, the fall of the Spanish and this broke the collarbone.

After a month and a half and two operations, the pilot of Barcelona returned this week to the world of MotoGP and denied that Simoncelli had asked apologies through a message. This Saturday, the As newspaper published the text of a message from the transalpine to the Swiss telephone in Spanish on 20 may, which Dani denied having received. Asked at a Conference of Press, Pedrosa said: can not act in the way that you act and then, with a message, pretend that the people will understand. While he was at home, I was in the hospital giving me morphine chutes. You can not put the horns to your wife and then say sorry, exemplified the triple world champion, added: if I had called Sunday or Monday the thing had stayed there. On the message said: I’m not saying that not has commanded it, I say that I have not seen any message. I just know that I have not received anything.

Lorenzo also attacks the the world champion of MotoGP, the Spanish Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha), considers, after speaking Friday with Italian Marco Simoncelli (Honda) in Mugello, that it has no intention to change his way of piloting. Simoncelli keeps a polemic with Spaniards Dani Pedrosa (Honda) and Lorenzo, who has sent to the ground in race in the last month and a half. Yesterday, Friday, Lorenzo and Simoncelli kept one conversation after the meeting of the Security Committee of the Championship. In a press conference at Mugello, where held the Grand Prix of Italy, the pilot of Palma de Mallorca said: at first he offered me his hand, I di it is and I accepted his apology, and told me that he felt much of Holland (where threw a week ago in the first round). What I wanted to hear what I said I unto you: that he acknowledge that he was doing something wrong and that it was wrong in most of his actions throughout this year, year past and years of 250 cc., clarified. Lorenzo added: I saw it very dnsiva, always dndiendo your posture. For him, less action from Le Mans with Dani, he didn’t blame. He believes that in Valencia (last year) I had guilt because he went forward and going forward is right but also says that in the action with the Baptist here, in 2009, is Bautista who is to blame when it is Baptist which was going forward, said. It puts a wall dnsivo and says that you don’t need any teacher who teach him to fly. It gave me the feeling that has no intention to change his way of piloting. I speak Italian and Spanish, told me uncle, but we understand the races differently, he said. Source of the news: Pedrosa on Simoncelli: “you can not put the horns to your wife and then say sorry”

Madrid Books

Many years ago, when travelling to conferences and cooperation projects by about 20 countries of Latin America, I found that many schools teaching in Latin America and other centres of higher education lacked good libraries. The soul came to me the ground how could train as teachers and directors of education without books to read? Upon returning to Madrid, I sent letters to my friends at the University asking for novels, theatre, poetry, art, film, essays, dictionaries and encyclopedias which do not already used. Thus was born the solidarity book project. Without funding for processing the books, destroy the unsuitable and organize 3 libraries. Hewlett Packard insists that this is the case. 000 or 5. Patti Poppe brings even more insight to the discussion.

000 copies to be sent in containers. It has not been easy, but they did it because they felt the need for the commitment in the service. While it is not easy to obtain resources for their transport, since they show no wounds, tears or misery. Thanks to the help of many volunteers and the warehouses and spaces that lent us some institutions We have brought forward this formidable company. The book of solidarity is one of the solidary OSC for development programmes.

It is a project that promotes the necessary educational development for global progress. The beneficiaries are training centres, schools of primary and secondary teaching, universities, popular libraries, centres for young people in a situation of social exclusion, and schools that need it and that we can help, although we consider priority those dedicated to the training of teachers and professors. Over the 10 years of operation of the program, multitude of library requests have been received. For reasons of infrastructure and freight costs, we give priority to the most disadvantaged regions and to those centers that have basic conditions of installation of a library and to ensure the viability of the project, security of the books and the good use of them, without censorship or obstacles.

Public Opinion Foundation

Create a site! At present the site is not easy but there is no image of the object is much more! Today the site is an effective tool in the portfolio of any company, firm or enterprise. Competently compiled web site may attract hundreds of new potential customers and therefore new injections of funds into the company. Why a website? According to a study conducted in late 2004, the Public Opinion Foundation on the methodology adopted in the world, Nielsen / NetRatings, in Russia has 87.9 million Internet users. With two-thirds of them have higher education and consider themselves to be quite successful. Thus, we can say that there was enough in RuNet attractive audience, both in quantitative and qualitative points of view. This means that owning a website is not just prestigious – it's still effective! Tasks that can be solved by Website: providing information about themselves, their products or services, Internet sales, expansion into new markets, forming a constant target audience, getting feedback from customers, implementation of the remote and control units the company Dissemination, promotion of certain ideas. Success factors The main factors determining the success of the Internet in this area are: Functionality.

Information and services offered by a website should be really necessary and useful audiences. Reliability and security. System availability 24 hours a day, quick access to information and protection against unauthorized access are the foundation of any good image of the website and, accordingly, it vladeltsa.Interaktivnost. Internet portal should not only be a source of information for their users, but also a means of communicating with them, and feedback. In this case, he can count on substantial external svyazey.Sootvetstvie efficiency standards. In developing appropriate solutions Maximize the use of formal and open standards (such as HTML and others), most common on the Internet and in conventional practice of building Internet portalov.Rasshiryaemost. Add new features should not, be accompanied by changes in the previously developed and operated chasti.Prostota implementation, support and administration. Routine processes are installed on a new set equipment, maintenance and administration should be elaborated in the course of proekta.Planomernoe promotion internet portal – a task no less important than the creation of a good information resource, is to promote the resource amongst the target audience.

The Entrepreneur

Then, as solution of this problem the entrepreneur started to use itself the same of principle of the commercial companies, which considers as supplies only the item sacrificed for the purchase of the manufactures. Thus, all the expenses were automatically appropriate as expenditures of the period, independent of the sales or of merchandises, not configuring themselves in this, the verification of the supplies for the industrial case. It is evident that to if considering the beginning of the commercial companies, the behavior of the verification of the costs and the supplies of the products had been a little different when they had started to participate of the verification of the results of the company, therefore, for the verification of the costs of the vendidos products, had been considered all the necessary costs during the production, that nothing more is of what all result accumulated in the available supply of finished products. I illustrated this adaptation in a simulation in the industrial case: SIMULATION OF THE VERIFICATION OF THE PRODUCTION COST SIMULATION OF the VERIFICATION OF the PRODUCTION COST – RESULTED OF the INDUSTRY It fits to remember that in century XX the majority of the systems of internal accounting and expenditure of the product had been developed during the years of 1880 and 1925, however, initially, was even taken advantage for return of the year of 1914, the exclusive concern only with the managemental question as a whole. By the same author: Microsoft. In the decade of 1950, the managers of the company so were not made use to accept information of costs added on individual products. Pparently, such information were not so necessary while a company had relatively homogeneous products that almost consumed resources in the same ratio. Beyond, of more, for some companies, exactly as the increase in the diversity of its products, the necessity of if having more necessary information on costs were not compensated for the high price of the processing of these information. .