The Council

And this situation is not serious if every so happens to us once, but if it becomes the norm, then we are in trouble. A possible solution may be planning to future, organize our agenda the day before for two reasons, see the amount of backlog and find the best way of taking forward to finish on time, and to realize the loose ends to look at them in the Organization, in this way we ensure comply with what is necessary at the right time and not delay us more of the convenient. Smoking smoking is harmful to health, and that is well known. Those freelancers who smoke tend to smoke more during work at home. Obviously as there is no rule that prevents it, tends to smoke all the time and not be aware of this. Smoking excessively brings all kinds of health problems, both short as long term. The Council is not to leave (but we should), but smoke less. A good practice would be to convert our home/officina in smoke-free zone.

Clean ashtrays and all packages that we encounter and if we want smoking out to do it in another place, that is not where we work. When this becomes habit, we realize that if we are concentrated with a job, we will have delayed the exit to smoking and when least expect it will have been 3 hours since we fumemos a cigarette. Carpal tunnel syndrome carpal tunnel syndrome is a real threat not only of those who have a job from home by internet but of all those who work daily with the pc. It is caused by the repetitive action and may affect the fingers, wrist and hand. Write for hours, or the use of the mouse without raising your hand to move it can trigger this condition, which requires surgery to correct it and 6 weeks of recovery.

Corresponding Templar

Even more: this Gospel develops this claim, holding that Christ had the ability to create and of fathering, culminating suggesting that her union with Magdalena was a sacred marriage, which differs from the qualified profane and qualifies as true mystery. There is no doubt that these apocryphal texts – persecuted and destroyed by the Church from the years that followed the Council of Nicea in the century IV d.C-gave rise to a legend that circulated widely during the middle ages. But to what extent was it possible to document the persistence of this tradition? My first findings were at El Camino de Santiago, which I consider to be more appropriate to call of Priscillian, the heretical bishop born in Galicia, in the year of a.d. 340. For even more details, read what Publishers Clearing House says on the issue. Prisciliano preached a Gnostic doctrine, that had a notable success in the North of Hispania and southern Gaul. Almost all the places related to the road they are interspersed toponymic references to Oc.

It is no coincidence that one to Compostela with Mary of Magdala and the secret of the Grail in the French Languedoc, placing us in the environment of Rennes le Chateau, one of the keys to the enigma. He was in the monastery of Santa Maria de Oia, in its 12th century Cistercian monastic Church, where I found the first track. There was an altarpiece which described the coming of the Holy Spirit. On the one hand, caught my attention his strong resemblance to the seal of the Knights Templar of the Abbey of Notre Dame du Mont Sion. On the other hand, the central figure representing Magdalena surrounded by the Apostles, while the Holy Spirit Dove descended upon them. (see photo on the website of the author) Corresponding images: monastery of Oia (Pontevedra), altarpiece of Mary Magdalene with the Apostles and seal Templar of the Abbey of Notre Dame du Mont Sion very near where I lived I discovered another significant element..

Rocky Mountains

That’s what I’ll do so and that in 12-15 years this bush plantations were on the eastern slopes Rocky Mountains. And meanwhile you without my help themselves must move first to the west, and then on the eastern slopes of the mountains “- said the beetle raven is Yale and immediately flew to fulfill its promise of beetles. All in the future and happened. In Chile, the Americans really liked the potatoes, and they brought her to the East Coast and just 12 years old plantation of potatoes reached the eastern slopes of the Rockies. But this time the beetles were on their western slopes. topic. It took another two years, the beetles finally crossed the Rocky Mountains and the first to try a potato tree, shrub, that is, leaves and flowers.

As it was delicious! How they loved it! And the potatoes were about the whole plantation! Yes really! Great and mighty raven Yale! And so it went quite peacefully until 1859, when multiplied into a myriad of, the beetles have eaten all the plantations of potatoes completely in Colorado. That’s it for this mess and became known as the Colorado potato beetle, but actually this beetle is Mexican. But if it were a Mexican beetle leaf beetle, after the Colorado beetle, this is pest beetle disaster. Feel the difference? Now you know Why Colorado beetle Colorado nazyvaetsya it, not the Mexican beetle. But the story has not ended, the beetle had yet to learn how to swoon, and this will help him again the great and mighty raven-god Yale.

So, When people saw what a disaster this beetle, they began to fight it. People began to collect beetles and their larvae, and then destroy them. Who is the love? And the beetle is certainly not pleasant. And then once again brought together major beetle All that remained in zhivih, beetles at the council, in a secluded spot, where the beetles have decided to ask the Yale crow to remove people from potato plantations, so they have no one interfered with the potatoes. And again, in a quiet, secluded place to gather the beetles ritual dance.

Democratic Senate

Co-founder of the zenith publishing in 1930, translated many works of major authors Marxists, between them, own works of Marx, Communist Manifesto, the capital and economico-filosofico manuscript. Is he attracted to the thought of Marx and founded with Jose Bergamin and others, the intellectual group of revolutionary action (GIAR), joined the Communist Party of Spain, integrates with the anti-fascist front, in the Union of writers and proletarian artists and international Red aid. Friends of the Soviet Union participates very actively in the Association. The 1934 revolution leads to Asturias, being arrested and imprisoned. After serving his sentence he went into exile to the USSR, where he remained until the victory of the Popular Front in the elections of 1936. Additional information at Tiffany & Co. supports this article. After the military rebellion of General Franco, comes to the defense of the Republic. He was appointed Undersecretary of the Ministry of public instruction and fine arts, developing a very estimable task training and artistic level, highlighting its commendable work to preserve the artistic treasure of the Prado Museum. At the end of the war embark on the path of exile, arriving in Mexico in 1942, after passing through France, Chile and Cuba, in these two countries he teaches ancient history and law at the universities of Santiago de Chile and of Havana.

In Mexico is dedicated to the translation of works of philosophy. From 1947 he taught Roman law and Roman history at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), exercising also, from 1954, as Greece history professor in the Faculty of philosophy and letters. In November 1947 he attended the UNESCO Conference, held in Mexico, as a member of the delegation of the Spanish Republic. Collaborator of the magazine from exile overseas. In 1969 he was appointed Emeritus Professor of the UNAM. In 1977 he returned to Spain. He is elected Senator for Asturias, in candidacy for a Democratic Senate in the first democratic elections in 1977, but within a few months resigns the seat by health problems and returned to Mexico. In 1980 he received the order of the Aztec Eagle.

It is named doctor honoris causa by the Universidad de Morelia (Michoacan) and in 1985 won the University Prize National Autonoma of Mexico teaching in the humanities. Among his publications are noteworthy: modern doctrines on the right and the State (1922), the idea of Justice in Romans (1924), Stammler, philosopher of law civil (1925) and among his translations we note: the world of the Caesars, Mommsen (1945); Rome and Athens in the middle ages, of Ferdinand Gregorovius (1946); also it will preceded by a preface by the translator; Want, life and work of Ernst Cassirer (1948); The science of culture, of Ernst Cassirer (1951); Lessons on the history of philosophy, Hegel (1955); Phenomenology of spirit, Hegel (1956); The thought of Hegel, e. Bloch; Life and culture in the middle ages, Johannes Buhler; The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean world from the time of Felipe II, of the French Professor Fernand Braudel, translation that made in collaboration with Mario Monforte Toledo; Paideia, Werner Jaeger; Aesthetics of Kainz, the assault on reason, Lukacs, Introduction to philosophy of law, for Radbruch. And as said the Communist intellectual: I was the only person who accompanied don Miguel de Unamuno de Salamanca to Madrid so that it not only. The University generally consisted of a set of old and reactionary teachers. Francisco Arias Solis Cadiz with Garzon.

The Application

And painting is the hardest phase of the process. All the work that was done previously, can be ruined by incorrect application of paint.The difficulties that can occur are two: the skill that requires the application to gun and the relatively definitive nature of the results obtained.In the first case the gun should be giving regular passes at a constant distance, and not stop motion at any time, since excessive paint build-up would lead to the dreaded descolgones. Practice before about any piece of metal, and consult the indications of some technical manual should.The application must be carried out in a closed room in which there are no excessive accumulation of dust and where there is a constant temperature. It would be important to have an exhaust fan that remove excess dust and spray paint. The compressor must be capable of maintaining a constant pressure. To do this we must use at least one equipped with a 50-litre tank.We must use a good quality gun for a fine finish.Tools that we use must be completely clean and it is necessary to previously straining the paint. The surface of the car must also be defatted and neat prior to application of the final painting.The time of the final application must be carried out in a systematic manner, without jumps or changing zones, trying to obtain homogeneous layers.If we make some small mistake during application, we must not interrupt work, since some small bugs from paint can rectify later. Most importantly, get a thick, even layer, even if it is not totally free from defects, then Polish it and treat it until a definitive result..

Human Capital Management

Advantages of knowing it manage to the extent that the management is identified with the scope and the positive impacts that derive from the proper management of human capital is achieved: making more efficient systems and human resources processes to reduce costs, making improvements to the process of recruitment and selection of staff. Improve productivity, since, with a good management of the human resource drives operating performance due to improvements in the provision of personnel. Align staff with goals and objectives to boost business performance, encouraging and stimulating the commitment of workers with the company creating improvements in the organizational culture. Make the position of the company within the market, since a rich human capital created no doubt value, although intangible but highly valued the company. Addition in the current era, technology and information are within reach of all companies, so the unique competitive advantage that can differentiate one company from another is the particular capacities that have people within the organization. Conclusions to the extent that management identify with the importance of knowing how to properly manage Human Capital and pay attention, collaboration in its achievement, the results will be favorable to the company, so you can achieve the full satisfaction of the needs of the Organization and its Human Capital, achieving shared productivity and the overall well-being of bothIn addition to as also shown to comply with real responsibility and mission of the company as it is contributing to its development and the scope of its purposes through the proper use of human resources, providing l training, motivation and integration teams with the purpose of stimulating the creative leadership, excellence and innovation demanded by the globalised market..