Medium Business Trade Show

Often for small and Medium Business Trade Show is the first step on the path to the top exports. Since the largest exhibitions of tradition present key buyers and press, the companies use them as a platform for showcase the latest products and services. Many companies regularly submit their products to those or other trade shows. Exhibitions are a neutral territory for business talks. Here gather heads of various departments of companies, buyers of products, which increases the probability of meeting the exhibitors with the leadership of companies and decision makers about the purchase. Participation in exhibitions is particularly important for companies who are looking for opportunities to sell in another country, because they can establish contacts with major distributors, build business relationships with them and identify the best way to market their goods in this country. Exhibitions are of great significance not only for reputable companies who wish to enhance their image and present new products, but also for new companies, which may simply have no other means to offer their goods target audience. To demonstrate the new goods and public statements show – it's the perfect place.

International exhibitions have numerous advantages, and international marketers prudent to take them into account when planning their advertising campaigns. The Company may conduct test sales and learn what will be the reaction of potential distributors before launching a new product to market. Potential distributors are participating in exhibitions for the same reasons: they can become acquainted with the products of the company and observe the market reaction to it.


I’m in the kind of business which is to mainly communicate with owners and managers of companies, and sometimes I am witness to a startling discovery they make. At some point, some of them suddenly realize that the scope of management – this area in which there are certain knowledge that would be worth to know! Up to this point they could simply not be aware that they in the management of missing some information or knowledge, and did not realize they have it because they did not know that such information and such knowledge exist. 2. “Yesterday fad” word “horse” in the dictionary Ushakov is defined as “anything a favorite someone and being a constant subject of his thoughts, aspirations and conversations.” We all have those things that we love more than any other, and this is perfectly normal, because every person is different. But normally it’s when they do not interfere with effectively and achieve the desired result. If, however, some human addiction begins to reduce the correctness of the estimate and ask the wrong direction, then the result will be poor. In his article “What is the secret of efficiency”, I wrote about a leader who wanted to improve sales his company, but took a change of software in the office.

His favorite hobby-horse was programming, computers, programs, etc. As a result, as far as I know, no sales growth was not. Conversely, sales after changing the software just keep going down. So this is one of the main causes of inefficiency.

Small Attention

The fact that the consumption of ‘simple’ products is a There are fewer risks than in the case of complex and expensive acquisitions. Accordingly, the resistance to adopt innovations in general for ordinary goods are lower than for the complex, and differences in consumer reaction to the ‘simple innovations’ in small segments to be negligible. How to use this model segmentation? After a few easy years of selling a particular commodity at a specific market, you’re sure to find a decline in interest in the target audience, since most products are subject to the rules of the classical curve of product life cycle. If you do not take the right steps, your product is quietly and quickly gone from nothingness, and you will be satisfied with a dull attention of a small group of conservatives.

Accordingly, before dying product will devour your money, you should start a new development, or thinking about implementing the strategy of cyclic innovation. In classic Such strategies involve periodic updates of the goods: adding features, upgrade opportunities, changes in packaging, the deepening of range, the adaptation of properties and performance standards ptrebiteley and stuff. So you can keep the attention of innovators and followers. In turn, the core segments will not switch from a product, do not lose the demand and popularity. In another situation, if you only displays the goods on market, do everything to achieve recognition of innovators and early adopters. This is a rather small segment, so you can build a unique point of communication with them.