Jose Antonio Murillo Workers

Those responsible for the company started with the string of friendship camouflaged and hinted that if we did not accept the amount of money that we imposed, they have demanded the status of ERE (file redundancy.) Consequently, we impose the loss of work and the a indemnizacion, too low that it could lead … Workers today we are affected and we are persecuted and harassed, with no respect for collective agreements, and in the act alleged fraud, regardless of labor law, we are human and parents. And in this case belong to two different companies within the same group GSA business, and also work together in the same company and in the same activity: of cement, ridos and Transport (CAT) are the following: “

Jose Luis Paredes-Lopez Pardines-Alfonso Munoz Lopez-Iglesias Jacinto Cement, concrete , a rids and Transport (CHAT) are the following: “Jeronimos Campello – Jose Manuel Lopez Lopez-Sanchez, Jaime Galvan Irles Serrano-Moreno Jose Antonio Murillo Workers who are exposed, we signed and we offer the presence of witnesses, we feel threatened and do not want to enter the totalitarian imposition rag. And though at first did not get into too much with us, we even got on well with the “charge” that all changed when taking advantage of the dominant bias, given the current crisis, the company fulfilled a promise to make the ERE (file redundancy) to throw us by hook or by crook. And had not one, but three ERE, because as we were from two different companies, initially presented one for each company. The first two were nullified by the defect, the present without observing a period of 15 days provided by law for the negotiations.

Successful Advertising

Summary: Promotions everywhere with the sole purpose of attracting customers. However, the results are not expected. What is this? Find out on this week’s article. I understand. As you also promote my business all the time. And though sometimes I get impatient, I learned that for my advertising work I have to have the following four characteristics: 1.

Patience months ago, in Puerto Rico, the Verizon Wireless cellular company changed its name to Claro. Can you imagine changing the name of a company known for years in the market? The cost would be about millions! And in your small business is no different. You need patience to wait for your advertising is saturated for some time. Because if you remove before the time, blamed the economy and your business and end up punishing you. So, when you feel impatient because your advertising is not working, remember to Claro, which has invested large amounts of dollars and patience to make the change. 2. Exposure is known by studies that takes about 7 exposures to your message takes effect.

However, I read an excellent list of guerrilla marketing master Jay Levinson where he said he takes about 20 exposures! What I mean by exposure? Exhibition is to promote what you sell in different media. An example would be where my potential customers see my articles on different websites, then they see my website on search engines and to seal with a flourish, see my link in forums. Another vivid example (recently) when I mentioned that recommended services.