Introduction To The Use Of Twitter

Many entrepreneurs and business owners think, and rightly so, that Twitter is like a pond full of fish, waiting for that “bite” in our sales hooks. But consider the portal as a channel exclusively online marketing is to have a limited view of the possibilities. Recent polls show that 8 out of 10 professionals using Twitter to interact professionally. And as in this example, much more can be said and done in Twitter: communicating important news, showing admiration, support, but also complaining, negative comments, and online damage the reputation of a brand or a company. To sell on Twitter, there is only one golden rule: do not sell, that means something other than doing self-promotion.

The key word is networking, and just that question. Imagine going to a party. From the moment you enter, greet people by saying “Hi, John Doe. Let me comment on the latest deals on laptops first line we have to offer … “Surely soon would be isolated in a corner, probably standing next to the snack table, “because no one would talk. People go to a party-mostly-with mood, to have fun, meet new people, and have a pleasant experience.

For that same goes for Twitter, with the bonus that it will also be informed, and that is the side that gives more results exploit, for promotional purposes. In particular, click on the login button to Twitter with the following concepts in mind. A Twitter should have access to: Learn how your niche. Take Twitter search functions and twitee your keywords. Within minutes you can know about your business trends and take a picture of what aspects of greatest interest, concern, or motivate questions about what you do. Interact. Not only with sales leads. Think of Twitter as a platform for continuous professional growth, along with other sites like Linked In and Plaxo. They are the most direct access to material that you will serve plan their strategic actions. Meet other colleagues and professionals, and, undoubtedly, his activities will be enriched by the contributions of others. Twitter also serves as a way to “monitor” what goes its direct competition, so much more dynamic and updated by simply visiting your site. See how they relate to them, and this will be very valuable information. Knowing what potential customers think, what are the market trends, what are your current needs and interests. Open doors. Anyone who believes that the sale process is a direct line between the promotion and the buying decision is wrong. Perhaps it relates to someone today, and this contact will result in a sale for some time. As shown, these are actions rather “passive”, but fundamental. You can do without sending a single tweet. The lesson to be drawn is that to succeed in social networks, the ability to listen is essential. First find out. For Twitter, is now going to have time.