Without Jesus

The enemy always tries in them to set the bow and he was not different with the situation of Jairo stops with its son. ' ' Of afternoon and morning and to the half day I will pray; I will clamarei, and it will hear my voice. He exempted in peace my soul of the fight that had against me; therefore he had many with me. God will hear, he will afflict and them. That one that presides over since the antiquity (Saddle), because it does not have in them no change, and therefore the God does not fear. ' ' Salmo 55:17 – 19 Armaram the net against me, but I did not fall, the devil I was who I fell in it.

Without Jesus me the notice hurts, enters in panic. Pass right now of this phase of sadness for the one of joy, much joy! How to make this? ' ' Jesus, having heard these words, said to the main one of the synagogue: Not subjects, only believe. ' ' Landmarks 5:36 Follow the orientation of Christ: exactly with the staff giving the greater to you of the bad notice, not subject, only believes, therefore God is more than what is importunando what it in the world, therefore you is winning. Calm, Jesus is with you? Then you go to receive tudode today good she waits that it, exactly! He says not to the doubt, conquers the certainty of the victory in Christ. To believe and to have faith are to firmly determine and to declare its victory in all the aspects of its life. ' ' did not allow that it followed somebody it, not to be Peter, Tiago, and Joo, brother of Tiago. E, having fond of the house of the main one of the synagogue, saw agitation, and the ones that cried very and pranteavam.' ' Landmarks 5:37 – 38 the scene back in the house of Jairo was tenebrous, of desesoero of the people who were there, all making a mistake, but Jesus goes until there and places everything and in peace in sequence.