When Jesus

The woman if relieved the proposal of Jesus and asked for: Of – me of this water, so that I do not have more headquarters. Then Jesus asked for that it calls the husband. The woman alleged not to have husband. Jesus said that, it said truth that already it had five husbands and that this that was in its house, did not belong it. Jesus knew the history of the Samaritana, thus also he knows mine and its history. Nothing that is occult for the men he is occult for God.

It knows in them for whole number and exactly thus he loves in them. Jesus entered in the life of the Samaritana why it was sincere with it. He revealed the desire of not wanting more to search water in the well and not having husband. We also need to be sincere with It. Jesus enters life of that if they show sincere with it.

She is necessary if to offer and if to show as you are, in the way as if she finds. When Jesus says that it had five husbands, wants to say that it had some husbands, the amount is only figurative. In this instant the Samaritana comes back to break off conversation: Sir, I see that you are prophet! It not yet perceived with who was speaking. We have immense difficulty to hear the voice of God. But we only obtain to discern the voice from somebody in way to a multitude, when we have privacy with the person. If you do not have privacy with God, certainly it will have difficulty to discern its voice. God always speaks, we who we have difficulty to hear. He makes silence in its heart. In elapsing of the dialogue the Samaritana mentions that it will come a Messias and that it will disclose to all the things.