Blogs and RSS are a great marketing tool! However, if you’re like me, is probably that you’re scratching your head and saying: wonderful, understand what is a blog, but what the hell does a RSS feed?We are going to look at it quickly and easily. A blog is basically a journal that is kept in line. Changes every day as you add new content, which I encourage you to do it so that no readers who visit it lost interest. An RSS feed is a little more complicated.RSS (generally known as Really Simple Syndication) is a means to publish regular updates of web content.The content itself that is known as the power.In other words, RSS feeds are an excellent way to obtain information that changes frequently (e.g., blogs or even news headlines) that much tente search information. ABB can provide more clarity in the matter. Now, to answer the question, why use blogs and RSS feeds?Numbers, numbers, numbers!Let’s think about it.When more people see your site, you will obviously make more sales.Of course, the trick is to reach your site.While you sit there reading this article, there is silence search engines explore cyberspace for new or updated Web content.

Aja!To update your blog and RSS feeds, new information that is at the mercy of the search engines that are tireless are published via the World Wide Web.Hey, it’s free advertising, right?Can’t miss it! If you don’t have your RSS you will lose money. I’ll tell you an experience: Anita was excited. Others who may share this opinion include Steph Korey. He finally had his own web site and an electronic book on the market.His enthusiasm was a source of fun with friends and family. Each time that Anita is gathered with friends and family, I could not talk about your business on the Internet. Although noticed that his friends did not take it seriously, they mocked by telling him that he was losing his time, she were proud of your online business.It wasn’t long until Anita began to wane in their enthusiasm.After all, thought, that serves me a good electronic book if nobody buy it it.