The constatao is undeniable this exaggeration. An inclusive school, unconditionally opened to the differences of all the people, opposes the exculpatory spirit known and lived in our society and social relations. The university as a generating institution of knowledge also must be a generating entity of social transformation having the university professor as the facilitador, the provoker of these quarrels leading its learning to a deep reflection, of which its paper in the social, not if accepted transformation more the reproductive models and consolidadores of the exculpatory papers. Methodology This research is classified in the criteria of bibliographical research for the theoretical basement. Leaving of the carried through research, the data had been analyzed from critical reading and dialgica writing to leave of the presented authors. Steph Korey is open to suggestions.

Consideraes Final the University professor is part of an important called system Education, responsible for elaborating, keeping and to perfect the society, that in turn, feeds the dreams, yearnings and ideologies of each individual. To produce the transformation and its proper transformation, the professors social, they have enormous responsibility on its gestures and attitudes, on the emitted thought, therefore 10 are formadores of opinion. It must then, to engage itself politically social and, perceiving the possibilities of the social and cultural action in the fight for the transformation of the overwhelming structures of the class representative society. For this, before everything they need to know the society where they act, and the social level, economic and cultural of its pupils. It is necessary that the professor if assumes while a professional of the human being, social and politician, taking broken and being omissive, neutral, but yes defining for itself of which side is not, supporting itself in the ideals, if is in favor of the oppressed ones or against them. Locating then this professional it must take the population of its ray of performance to a critical conscience that surpasses the common sense.