Universal Wisdom

The Master came in time to hear the last words of Sergei Tenno Master and pupil turned red by the lightness of their expressions. – Do not worry, Sergei. While others come to take the polenta, listen to what the Arabic Teacher admired Jalal Ud Din Rumi had when one of his assistants showed too tough on newcomers. To know more about this subject visit Andrew Cuomo. -Account, Maestro, because I have planned to go to Persia to visit places where they lived such holy men who preached an Islam open and human. – And with humor and tenderness. Western Union Company oftentimes addresses this issue.

But listen. They say that one day the prophet Mohammed was preaching in the mosque of Medina young people new to the faith and those who were engaged in morning prayer. It turns out that when it came to the passage of the Jewish holy book – because in Islam was not yet written the Koran – in which the Pharaoh, full of pride exclaims: Escucha, I am your one true God! a , a young man who was sitting in the back of the mosque palm angrily exclaimed: a Is ghost bastard that? a – AMay good! That's was well placed, Maestro. – Sergei! – Master, the spade a spade. Look, every autumn light, with that young Arab I would understand me well. – Year I doubt it! other and with the morning star! But listen to what follows, it is still better. It turns out that the Prophet said nothing and continued his preaching.

After prayers, the Prophet's helpers abroncaron the Arab youth to have used language so obscene. Muhammad, Allah bless acuyo Name!, Approached the boy who was red as a pepper and said, a The archangel Gabriel has just brought me the greetings of Allah and asks me, part of the Most High, do you know that your sincere Le expression has moved more than the pious prayers of many others. You continue like this and transform the world, for you have had your heart before the horse . Jose Carlos Garcia Fajardo