Treatments For Losing Fat Localized Laser Lipolitico And Cryolipolisis.

The imperative of the cosmetic industry and beauty of constantly updated to look more appealing to the consumer, is now about to offer new treatments that fail in result to the existing ones. The Cryolipolisis and the Laser Lipolitico are two developments that fail in results to existing treatments. For a center that has bought a new treatment can justify the higher price of the same on the previous to afford the investment, it needs justify it through a substantial improvement of the results. In this case it is true, the results are no better than other treatments so it starts to sell smoke that in my view may be the beginning of the end of many beauty salons. The old nor the new treatments are valid for overweight people. The extra pounds they should lose with a balanced diet and physical exercise, and when they are already at your ideal weight, it is when your aesthetic Center can help eliminate those areas with localized fat you just don’t delete. Then sell the treatment as something It is not also harmful in the long term for the sector. /’>TCF Capital Solutions to learn more.

The Elimination of localized fat is achieved by attacking the zone and changing the physical state of the same, moreover also tries to destroy adipocytes to slow the possible recovery. Through heat, Laser lipolytic and radio frequency, the cold, cryolipolisis and by mechanical means, vacum and cavitation. All these methods have a barrier, the body has a rate of absorption and elimination of this fat, so it cannot be improved the method more than this until there is no one that increases the rate of elimination. I commented that a treatment is to be effective, need to combine two or three types of apparatus to complete the entire process. A professional treatment must have the following components, which attacks the fat already mentioned, that helps to pass into the lymphatic system, preassure therapy draining massage and helps move the lymphatic system, physical exercise, vibration platform. As it is what you should pay by results and all they have more or less the same effectiveness, you don’t pay more for one than for others. The author of this article is the distributor of an important laboratory of cosmetic products for beauty salons. It also sells and teaches the operation of apparatus for cosmetic treatments. Manages a blog of beauty that addresses these issues and manages an online store where it says all these professional products to the fingertips of the particular client.