Track Location

Vehicle management can not be more flexible and more accurate / insert, register and ride / standard connector saves time and installation costs Hamburg – again the Bornemann AG with an innovation makes headlines. A simple plug amazed the experts now. He calls himself InFLEET plug & track and he brings significantly more momentum in the telematics market without a doubt. As easy as this telematics novelty may also sound and look, it means more flexibility, precision and time – and cost savings for each fleet management. InFLEET is a standard connector, which is suitable for all major car manufacturers and in conjunction with the tracking system plug & track InFLEET monitor allows for a perfectly organized and clear management of the fleet. Forget you everything what you know so far from a professional fleet management, because the innovation of telematics, brought out by the Bornemann AG will be the future. Annoying and expensive installation times and costs, as well as fixed allocations of vehicles people finally belong to the past.

With InFLEET plug & track again the Lord of your fleet. That this standard connector especially for car dealerships, car rental, service and service providers represents a more substantial flexibility, is obvious. Fleet management reached a completely new quality in companies like these that use InFLEET plug & track in the future. The mapping of motor vehicle driver is interchangeable from one minute to the other with a coup and it is specially according to the requirements, which make sense within a company. Car dealerships, car rental and leasing vehicles thinking, for example, at car dealerships and their demo vehicles. These are only limited as such designated and during this time with various customers on the road. Not always a car salesman sits to the security in the passenger seat when the vehicles leaving the premises. So a car dealer can flexibly divide the fleet of demonstration vehicles still and keep in mind, is the possibility of arranging to\”mandatory location setting up one in an another demonstrator.