Tips For The Currency Exchange For The Upcoming Holiday In Dubai

Who spends his holidays in Dubai, should only change money on-site. United Arab Emirates currency is Dirham (abbreviated AED or DHS also). A dirham is divided into 100 Fils. Repeatedly arises for Dubai travelers wondering whether you should take US dollars for a vacation in Dubai. The answer is a resounding “no”.

The currency (Dirham) is firmly coupled since 1980 to the American dollar. This means that 1 US dollar is always a mean of approximately 3.67 dirhams. Currently (as of March 2009) you will receive approx. 5.0 dirham for a euro. ???. The financial crisis has reached even Dubai and the euro has fallen by around 10%. Nevertheless, the stand with 5.0 dirham is still good.

In 2007, there were only 4.6 dirhams for 1 euro. (For price fluctuations or changes no responsibility can be charged.) The benefits are so obvious. The travel service Dubai/tours & Trax recommends therefore all Dubai holiday makers take as much cash in the currency “Euro”. It is no secret that the many bureaux de change in the city offer a better exchange rate than the banks and hotels. So please when currency exchange on it. You will find moneychangers throughout Dubai city and major shopping malls. For now, tourists can convert a small amount at the airport. At the airport, the switch is open around the clock. It is located close to the exit. Credit cards are accepted everywhere of course in Dubai. These own itself particularly for the payment of hotel bills and restaurant visits. Further information obtained under section facts/things to do in know / wissenexchange.html OLAF Fey travel service Dubai tours & Trax p.o. box 116191, Dubai UAE Tel 00971 50 843 09 70 travel services Dubai UAE is the great information platform for Dubai and the United Arab Emirates under German management. The well-known travel and information company is working for 7 years in Dubai.