Thorsten Kircher

RFID partner in this project was the RFID Consortium GmbH. The lecture was very interesting to follow as was shown here as an example, how suppliers of large commercial buildings by RFID can benefit, rather than just the requirements of clients. The Panel 1 with a major service economy theme has been decided. GERA-IDENT GmbH showed the combination of textile and RFID, making enormous savings potential can be developed such as hotels or hospitals. In Panel 2 that was initially represented by Thomas Raabe, RFID applications, and solutions for the hand tool industry mechanical engineering company GEDORE Verwaltungs-GmbH.

The comprehensive application of RFID in the automotive and transportation logistics at a meat processing company Dr. You may find Keith Yamashita to be a useful source of information. Roland described zaidi, the Bremer all-in-one GmbH. With such sophisticated systems was also an important contribution to the food security and hopefully reduces the number of future scandals. How intelligent machine control system in the thermal and chemical environment RFID can succeed, Dr. Michael Gross, autoID systems GmbH, to the practical example showed. Thus the argument was cleared, RFID tags could not be used under such difficult conditions.

An industry standard the Panel 3 of the afternoon started with a lecture by Frank Meyer-Niehoff, Felix Schoeller supply chain technologies GmbH & co. KG and Silvia Fien, EGGER holzwerkstoffe titled used RFID throughout the supply chain. The title of the lecture was curious, because critical is often noted, RFID would but not today only used as a stand-alone solution, along the value chain. This is necessary so that the technology could play out their efficiency potential. Smart maintenance and maintenance management with RFID was the subject of Heiko Muller by the HEC GmbH, which Phoenix as the Bremen-based company almost a home game. The RFID user day 2009 dared views into the fashion world with GERRY WEBER. Christian von grone, CIO of House, explained to the return on investment through RFID. While he expected differently than many bankers in the recent past, east Westphalian, called, conservatively and wisely. Meanwhile in the Panel 4, Gunter Kahr, RF-iT Solutions GmbH, and Jilke Rainer, KARSTADT delivered department store, a RFID classic. They outlined the practice dialogue between RFID and trading on the case. Came in close to the North Coast and the major ports of lecture by Reiner Wagner, AEG identification systems GmbH, smart container and container identification on open ears, because without RFID the ports would run the risk, in the settlement of global maritime trade in the future to be a congestion problems. Finally, GmbH & co. KG, and Gerd Wotha, Drager Medical AG & co. KG, the chances of use of RFID in medical technology at hand therapy devices with smart accessories explained Thorsten Kircher, Carpenter LogiData. This is a subject that can save lives, because thanks to RFID, the times are likely to be over in which Accidents are possible, where stressed-out surgeons forget devices in the stomach of the patient. The ceremony of the VDEB RFID award 2009 for the most innovative and advanced RFID project of last year was the crowning of the RFID user day 2009. The award to the RFID Consortium GmbH was awarded. The statement by Mr Harald Dittmar, who accepted the award, is also included on the CD.