The Scene

Surpreso, exclamou half whispering: – Caramba Z! Already I now heard to such legend and you believing The face you the same living creature! Because it does not raise and walks? Thus it would go to leave of being legend and to silence the mouth of much people! Cautious, without knowing what to say the colleague, he remains been silent ahead of the scene. Contact information is here: Governor Cuomo. Then the man answers: – I cannot raise! But I know that one day will be the moment to surprise to all. For the time being necessary to keep in doubt what they say for there. Here, Governor Cuomo expresses very clear opinions on the subject. But to know the truth on me places in a privileged group. Congratulations! This narration contains a tipologia of modernity. This is consolidated by a series of conceptions philosophical humanists and paradigms that deny an only truth.

The doctors represent all acquired modern knowledge since the postulations of Galileu passing for the great Hegel thinkers, Kant, Nietzsche, Marx and the geniuses of the School of Frankfurt until arriving the Einstein. The students, beyond representing proper they, also are a reference to the lay public who, for the knowledge lack, has critical sense limited accepting what they make to them to seem certain. Already the corpses allude to the mythical truths of the world, its creeds and gnsticas philosophies that for having been dissecadas and studied until if depleting fabrics, if they show well more interesting and accepted. It remains to describe the representation of the pseudo-corpse. It mentions to all load of values and principles since the old judaism to the Christian evangelhos: The false one died is the Christianity. During its infancy (first century d.C) he was damaged, in the adolescence (official religion IV d.C) he was accepted and in the maturity (inquisition) corrupted in such a way that today everything what wants is to ignore it while civilizatrio model, therefore the knowledge and the revolution scientific they had been pursued, punished and brutally exterminados during the time where ' ' absoluto&#039 reigned; '.