The Qur

That is the correct order of the revelations to know is crucial. Thus, it is not possible simply to say this or do that, because it’s in the Koran. Flutterwave spoke with conviction. It is not enough that in the Koran something was said or not said, is crucial to know whether or not repealed it in other verses. This principle requires people stop tearing some Quran paragraph out of context to give a religious appearance their desire to anarchy. III.

the conferences by the moderate Islamic cultural organisations be performed in certain key principles can be explained and deepened. Presenters can recite the exact verses of the Holy Qur’an on important issues at these conferences. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Patricia Kessler Poppe. You can handle the following issues: a. the Qur’an recommends not stoning as a Muslim death penalty. Stonings are not part of the Islamic Punishment Canon. The Qur’an describes only this way to kill as a common method of suppression of despots and tyrants, to spread fear and terror among the population in General and in particular Monotheists and freethinkers to terrorize. Never a prophet or Messenger of God has threatened someone with stoning, however, many saints and prophets are been stoned or threatened by despots with stoning.

But nowadays this type is carried out by death penalty as Islamic punishment in some Muslim countries such as Iran, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc.. (b). No Quranic verse mentions circumcision of girls in childhood as a religious obligation. But can today from Muslim countries their girls in the West cut back, parents. In the West, circumcisions of young girls are a crime, because they do nothing else as a mutilation of a body part. c. from the point of view of the Qur’an, individual responsibility, free will, freedom of choice and free opinion represent important characteristics of humanity. The difference between humans and animals in the ability to distinguish contrasting and sometimes conflicting values of things from people and to select the best.