The Problem Of Incoherence Of Thought

Dissociation of thinking is characterized by the collapse of the logical structure of speech while maintaining the ability be grammatically correct phrases and sentences. Excellent literary example of incoherence of thought is inane dialogue and the defendant of the plaintiff in his book "Gargantua and Pantagryuel" Francois Rabelais. Clinical example of incoherence is the following passage schizophrenic speech: "Voice – is a mutual concept of paths in water. Voices, we compare the binding of his hands as with his hands Clerk hands. It is necessary to protect his right hand, as there are writers plex devices that all can hear and speak. No heating vote will be closed, it will star, which will close a tank helmet, as you have in the attack. This was to be proved at the garbage pit Chuvashova razors Estonia on the table. She was on the ceiling and went for a walk as if for pansies.

Reason and phenomenon of electrical traces drawn on the subject of our country is going to work hand in air valve cylinder without understanding … ". This observation against the background of dissociation are identified as speech iteration verbigeration form ("… arms with hands Clerk hands …"). Dissociation of thinking can be shown monologue, when the patient is alone with himself or in the presence of someone else says without interruption for long and pointless. At the same does not apply attention to the reaction of the interlocutor, in fact, if he understood what was said, listening to if at all.