The Princess

However, a confused feeling was being born of its interior, joined the desire of hunger with the company desire. Perhaps tranquila sleep night made with that Edward did not feel only the hunger desire, but the lack of somebody to heat its heart. Uneasy, with its pontiagudos teeth and its old black layer, the vegetation was sliding between small mounts, sobrevoando; it was felt in house. Everything was perfect. But suddenly it caught presence of very next lights; the curiosity sharpened it the brain. It was if approaching and it was come across with a wooden large house. Everything very quiet, nobody passing, only two cachorros in the patio of the house.

The consequence of light in the window made with that Edward if approached. It settled in an elegant tree, that leaned over its twigs on the window and a maleficent wind blew. You may find that Dr. Faisal Kahn can contribute to your knowledge. Edward observed e, through the old ones and enfumaados glasses, it noticed the presence of two people. One lady corcunda rested in way to the room. Seated in the supper table, a brown, high young woman, firm and calm stature. Edward, observing them, started to cogitate: – mother and son or used master and? The principle did not obtain to guess, but it got passionate itself for the beauty of the young woman. She moved of plans. She came back toward its I retire, tried to sleep, but she passed the night consumed for thoughts that if revezavam enter the anxiety of hunger and the anxiety of company.

When the day clareou, Edward, stubborn for the image of the young, came back to its house. The vegetation still was humid of fog. It stopped to the side of the window. Now it sighted only the young woman. Magic for its beauty, he walked until varanda, he looked at for the sides and he beat with the palms of the hands, despertando the attention of the princess who sewed seated in a torn armchair.