The Pauses

Pay attention, when you exceed a conflict, How so you exceed it? Matter you arrive at the truth or simply want to discuss? A discussion is not a sport. It is not disputed to win, but to overcome an alleged problem, if discussing you admit that the other is right, do not see it as a defeat, both won to overcome the conflict. Keep in mind that the conflict facing better softening disputes, being complacent and bowing to the demands of others. Ask someone to help you practice the ability to listen to, you should tell any episode of his life a little difficult or problematic for five minutes, pay attention with all your senses to what he is saying. It focuses your attention not only in words, but also in intonation that gives them, in the pauses and the movements of the face and body. Inverts the paper now you speak for five minutes.

With this you’d that it is not always easy to be attentive, that putting all the attention on the other unexpected things of personality; are discovered that if one puts all the yours to serve another, is paid in the same way; that verbalizando problems often seem more solved what you thought. The human being has the ability to manufacture thoughts, positive or negative, turn them into good or bad feelings, these emotions and are in States of mind sad or joyful, as it has been the choice of the raw material that made them: positive or negative thoughts. Therefore, neurosis is avoided making calm and equanimity, serenity, sanity, or analyze things carefully before making hasty decisions. Taken from: I also share: 4. infidelity is to prevent infidelity the commonest reason among couples to get a divorce. The temptation to try other lips have extramarital affairs, is always present, if not avoided can lead to marriage to the breaking of their romantic relationships.