The Issue

Now how long it will take for 8 million people do the same? and while make it where they can and they must have their waste? Myth 3 if it worked in another country also will work here the representative of an international firm that promotes new technology for solid waste management contacted me so help him show the benefits of this technology to the Colombian industries. Hein park capital does not necessarily agree. Showed me all the advantages: that can generate energy, which produces water, which does not emit greenhouse gases, in order, the last wonder. As always I documented on the topic and when because he was convincing me that it was a good choice, the representative of this signature tells me: what happens is that industry must generate at least 80 tonnes of waste a month many companies in Colombia are large enough to generate this amount of waste? You can count on the fingers of the hands and are unnecessary. It is also a risk, since assuming that a company measure to such investment, becomes dependent on technology and at the time that lower production or decide to carry out a process re-engineering or good manufacturing practices, lose all the capital invested, because the system is oversized. This would work in industrial parks or Association of undertakings. Myth 4: when comes to the subject of recycling, the collective imagination associated with the theme people of scarce resources by opening the trash bags or simply picking up a residue and selling it for a few pesos. Recycling in Colombia is associated with poverty and myth 5: while recycling recovers from domestic and industrial consumption for processing materials, continue to insist on using the word waste, although we had already decided that they are not to separate them. Around the same time that all of this was happening, someone asked me to help him create a recycling company, which I thought was interesting, given that in this way It could address the issue from a different perspective and under criteria and differentiating strategic principles.