The Application

And painting is the hardest phase of the process. All the work that was done previously, can be ruined by incorrect application of paint.The difficulties that can occur are two: the skill that requires the application to gun and the relatively definitive nature of the results obtained.In the first case the gun should be giving regular passes at a constant distance, and not stop motion at any time, since excessive paint build-up would lead to the dreaded descolgones. Practice before about any piece of metal, and consult the indications of some technical manual should.The application must be carried out in a closed room in which there are no excessive accumulation of dust and where there is a constant temperature. It would be important to have an exhaust fan that remove excess dust and spray paint. The compressor must be capable of maintaining a constant pressure. To do this we must use at least one equipped with a 50-litre tank.We must use a good quality gun for a fine finish.Tools that we use must be completely clean and it is necessary to previously straining the paint. The surface of the car must also be defatted and neat prior to application of the final painting.The time of the final application must be carried out in a systematic manner, without jumps or changing zones, trying to obtain homogeneous layers.If we make some small mistake during application, we must not interrupt work, since some small bugs from paint can rectify later. Most importantly, get a thick, even layer, even if it is not totally free from defects, then Polish it and treat it until a definitive result..