Tom Henriksson

The future of the Internet, his opinion is held increasingly in social networks: you will remain and continue to grow”, is convinced a Samwer. Right here is the advanced concept of fair online-marketing Dusseldorf: for the first time twelve networks are represented at a trade fair. At the same time Samwer, in his opening speech, predicted online advertising 3.0 “far-reaching changes for the entire online advertising market: the market structures on the head will be especially so-called ad marketplaces. Advertising space such as on a market place between the advertiser and platform vendors without media agencies and marketers can be booked via such digital platforms. Also for the optimization of circuits, there will be soon highly efficient platforms. Trend topics: Social networks, mobile and performance fact is that the social Web has already fundamentally changed the communication and the consumer behavior of users. Joel Berger, Managing Director Germany of the world’s leading community of MySpace, pointed out that social networks while not so much can affect what we do, but how”we there do. So the networks active users are now longer online than before the TV set, but they would spend most of the time in the Internet to watch videos.

A clear indication how the use of behavior through digital media has changed. Mobile devices as carriers are another central theme of the exhibition for digital marketing. Tom Henriksson, head of Nokia interactive advertising, pointed out that mobile alone due to its huge reach for advertisers must no longer be ignored: by 2015, there will be 5 billion mobile devices that allow a direct sales approach. The mass relevant development next: Already for 2009 especially the massive advertising use in location based could be expected services. Mobile search in conjunction with digital maps and maps will be developed for advertising. Another significant trend at the fair, especially in times of less rapidly growing advertising Espen thing, is the subject of accurate billing and Proof of the success of marketing campaigns.