With the consent of the latter, of course. Increasing popularity it has received from their parents – each location request costs about 5 rubles. A if the subscriber does not agree to see him? A consent and do not ask. Through the same detective agency, you can easily arrange and mobile surveillance. One concerned the so-calculated the corresponding manual location of consuming her husband. If the husband was not home at the appointed time, to his own restaurant came the wife.

On the third visit of the man broke. Vowed to drink only at home, if the spouse will open a secret: it unmistakably his calculated? I had to admit that for each woman finding private investigators laid out $ 500. About the same, as detectives without the consent of the subscriber recognize its location, we can only guess. Although it is clear that if there is a way to track a person even in the giant Moscow, there is always a demand for such information. A check on the honesty of all the techies in the cellular companies are simply not available. Bugs program for wiretapping Spyder-pc Clarification In the last issue we wrote that in Russia, 142 million people own mobile handsets. In fact we have so many mobile phone subscribers: the same person may have several rooms to be mobile and call several operators. Q. Why is not the filling in the stolen pipes intersect? But if the mobile sends a signal, even without the battery, why would using A-GPS does not look for the stolen pipes? The more so because each cell phone has a unique identification number or IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identifier (International Mobile Equipment Identity).

Supreme Court

NBU Board on the appointment of an interim administration and the moratorium is not an NPA, and is a legal act of individual actions which are not subject to such registration. Get more background information with materials from Tiggany & Co.. During the moratorium, there are no damages to which the fine and penalty, which is a form of civil liability for breach of contract. However, monetary obligation – the obligation of the debtor to pay the lender a certain sum of money in accordance with the civil contract and on other grounds, the civil legislation of Ukraine. Hamdi Ulukaya is likely to increase your knowledge. The composition monetary liabilities of the debtor does not include a penalty (fine, penalty). Such a definition is given a monetary obligation in Art.

1 of the Law of Ukraine "On restoration of solvency of the debtor or declaring bankruptcy," it meets its essence and can be used in cases of this type. In addition to a civil contract, a monetary obligation arises on other grounds provided for by civil legislation, to which the provision of Art. 625 CC of Ukraine, according to which a debtor who has delayed the implementation of a monetary obligation, at the request of the lender is obliged to pay the amount of debt, taking into account the established inflation index for all time delay, as well as three per cent per annum from the outstanding amount, unless a different rate of interest do not have a contract or law. Thus, these amounts are not penalties and are not subject to moratorium. After the end of the moratorium penalty (fine, fine), other financial sanctions, as well as the amount of damages that the bank was obliged to pay creditors on monetary obligations and commitments to taxes and duties (mandatory payments) may be declared for payment in the amount that existed at the date of the moratorium, unless otherwise stipulated in this Law. According to Art.

611 CC of Ukraine in case of violation obligations come the legal consequences stipulated in the contract or by law, including damages and moral damages. It is essential that this article provides a non-pecuniary harm, but only when it is established by law or contract, to which the courts do not always pay attention. Therefore, if the parties in the contract provided such liability for breach of obligations, requirement to recover non-pecuniary damage to be satisfied with regard to the provisions established art. 23 Civil Code of Ukraine and the clarifications contained in the resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of Ukraine of 31 March 1995 4 (with corresponding amended) "On judicial practice in cases of non-pecuniary (non-property) damage." If the contract is not defined moral (non-property) damage as a kind of responsibility, it refundable only in cases stipulated by law. In this article. 611 CC of Ukraine should not be interpreted to mean that it refers to the art. 16 of the Code, including ways to protect the rights of calls for moral (non-property) harm. This conclusion is based on the fact that a special rule (Section 4 hours 1 tbsp. 611 Civil Code of Ukraine) can not refer to the general rule ( 9, part 1 of article 16 of the Civil Code of Ukraine). However, keep in mind that does not exclude punishment for moral harm result of the proven misconduct of bank employees, in cases of tort law relations. However, such relationship would not be directly related to the resolution of the dispute about the cancellation / refund bank deposit, and will be governed by other rules of the Civil Code of Ukraine. Information provided by the lawyer and the lawyer

Joint Stock Companies

Grinmeyla concept, or greenmail, firmly established in contemporary reality. However, a unified approach to its definition is still there. Traditionally, grinmeylom understand intervention of third parties in activities company based on the fact of ownership of its voting shares, aimed at creating barriers to the society of normal economic activity for the purpose of forcing the latter to buy shares owned by third parties, at a price significantly higher than the market. Forms of corporate blackmail is very diverse. However, the actions grinmeylerov inherent in some common traits: 1) corporate blackmail carried out by its shareholders.

But you should realize that the person registered in the register of shareholders, ie de jure owning shares, are not financial and ideological blackmail by the organizers. As Typically, shares are purchased on the nominees (one-day companies, offshore companies). Grinmeylery themselves prefer to stay in the shade and are often afraid of publicity, 2) corporate blackmail aimed at create adverse economic conditions for society (for example, invalidation of transactions entered into by him, the suspension of the company, the failure of the planned contracts). The object of the attack may be not only property relations, but also goodwill economic society, and 3) to compel a corporate blackmailers is the most joint-stock company, its management, other shareholders to buy shares owned by blackmailers in exchange for a cessation of activity that is harmful to society, 4) from a formal point of view of corporate blackmailers are not violations of legislation. Corporate blackmailers, exercise the rights accorded to them by the Federal Law of 26 December 1995 "On Joint Stock Companies" (hereinafter – the Companies Act), but realize them to a company of adverse effects.