Internet Business

When you have an internet business there are many activities in which you must focus, as the implementation of marketing strategies to publicize your product or service, conducting positioning techniques, business relations, researching your market, analyze the statistics, change strategies, solving technical issues, create and send newsletters, update your (s) blog (s), etc. Did I mention “to respond to Customer Service? No. Well I did it on purpose because it’s generally what happens to most Internet entrepreneurs. National security advisors opinions are not widely known. They handle all possible tasks, but do not pay attention to customer service, the message gets to their mailboxes and do not respond in time, or simply never respond. If this is you, who you wrote and did not receive a timely response, and there was an idea from you, your responsibility, your business and probably made the decision to buy from the competition, who did respond to your request. No, I’m not exaggerating, what would you think if you write to a company whose product interests you and do not receive a timely response, or never respond? Well the first thing I think is that it is a serious, interested only take money from others, but there is a quality service back. I just do not buy. Did you know that some people are directed to Customer Service a company just to prove that someone is behind this website and decide to buy? Yes, yes.

Moreover, not only important Presale Customer Service, but also Aftermarket. A customer dissatisfied with the response to its request, is closer to request a refund or complain to the company that processed the payment and place you in an uncomfortable situation. Another important Customer Service is managing a formal language to convey respect for the person reading your response. Yes, surely you will find rude people, or those who are asking too much, however the best answer is a good example. But this does not mean you should allow inappropriate behavior, if a customer does not change their attitude, do not forget that not only is the customer who chooses you also decide who you want to do business. And to conclude this article, if you will not lose money, image and credibility, more attention to applications that arrive in your mailbox, comments on your blog, messages addressed to you in Social Networks. Remember, it is about building relationships with your prospects and customers so it allocates a time of day to do this task.