Ready Modular Stairs

Modular design of stairs. Modular design of stairs, which are represented in our catalog are designed and implemented by the Italian factory ALBINI & FONTANOT. This is a pledge that the style of execution of such a staircase can be trusted. This modular stairs can be easily embedded into any very refined interior, without fear, because it 'will not look'. Quality modular stairs. All modular staircase Arke series produced by the Italian factory ALBINI & FONTANOT. Doubt about the quality of Italian artists and production techniques is not necessary.

History of plant ALBINI & FONTANOT has more than one decade, which allowed the plant to establish itself worldwide as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of modular staircases for homes, cottages and other premises to which high demands are placed on style, design and quality interior. Convenience of buying a modular stairs Particularly easy purchase a modular stairs in our store ladders is that absolutely all operations on the choice of a suitable modular stairs in the directory and its delivery to your home you can make the distance, through the Internet. This is especially important for buyers who are far away from Moscow and are unable to visit the nearest salon store ladders and stairs directly choose. In our shop we put quality ladders and detailed photos of each model, so that the buyer had the opportunity to examine in detail all that we offer modular stairs and make an informed choice. In addition, all modular stairs can be delivered directly to your home or object assembly, in whatever corner of Russia he was not.