Therapy Farm Parents

The mother child hospital Schwabenland in Durmentingen offers professional help in Freiburg, may 10, 2011 unnerved the mother screams around, father rages and the child is a single provocation – Kampfansage pur. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala often says this. Nothing more is the relationship with the children, this is reflected in typical behavior patterns: uncertainty and inconsistency in everyday use, lack dexterity, none, ambiguous, inappropriate or excessive agreements and consequences are the order of the day. Often derail situations, it comes increasingly to impulsive behavior, anger and frustration on both sides. Helplessness is spreading. The implications are complex: while the parents? especially on psychosomatic diseases such as migraine, stomach disorders, mental disorders like? depressive episodes and anxiety disorders suffer, often reflected in behavioural and emotional disorders such as ADS, separation fears or even oozing up the troubled relationship with the children? cons. New courage with targeted assistance offered the mother child hospital here with an own therapy farm within the framework of a mother child rehabilitation Schwabenland in Durmentingen.

An individual therapy plan, consisting of is the course of medical treatment, psychological counselling, physiotherapy, sports and movement therapy, relaxation exercises, health training and creative offerings. At the so-called “mother-child interaction” mothers experience rich days living with their children on the farm of therapy. In confidence-building games, animal-based experiences and educational experience offers (such as E.g. a marsh crossing, climbing wall, climb or even up the stairway to heaven) the problem constellations are quickly visible. By dealing with the animals, children develop the feeling playful for welfare, social and health awareness. While enjoy the proximity to the animals, learn a better coexistence in contact with other children and can contact the fresh country air”really let off steam.

The structure of mutual trust and respect, a better understanding for each other and an emotional-looking education climate with firm and clear?