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Even more: this Gospel develops this claim, holding that Christ had the ability to create and of fathering, culminating suggesting that her union with Magdalena was a sacred marriage, which differs from the qualified profane and qualifies as true mystery. There is no doubt that these apocryphal texts – persecuted and destroyed by the Church from the years that followed the Council of Nicea in the century IV d.C-gave rise to a legend that circulated widely during the middle ages. But to what extent was it possible to document the persistence of this tradition? My first findings were at El Camino de Santiago, which I consider to be more appropriate to call of Priscillian, the heretical bishop born in Galicia, in the year of a.d. 340. For even more details, read what Publishers Clearing House says on the issue. Prisciliano preached a Gnostic doctrine, that had a notable success in the North of Hispania and southern Gaul. Almost all the places related to the road they are interspersed toponymic references to Oc.

It is no coincidence that one to Compostela with Mary of Magdala and the secret of the Grail in the French Languedoc, placing us in the environment of Rennes le Chateau, one of the keys to the enigma. He was in the monastery of Santa Maria de Oia, in its 12th century Cistercian monastic Church, where I found the first track. There was an altarpiece which described the coming of the Holy Spirit. On the one hand, caught my attention his strong resemblance to the seal of the Knights Templar of the Abbey of Notre Dame du Mont Sion. On the other hand, the central figure representing Magdalena surrounded by the Apostles, while the Holy Spirit Dove descended upon them. (see photo on the website of the author) Corresponding images: monastery of Oia (Pontevedra), altarpiece of Mary Magdalene with the Apostles and seal Templar of the Abbey of Notre Dame du Mont Sion very near where I lived I discovered another significant element..

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How? Continue reading during the days following we were working with your mind, your spirit, in such a way that realized that was going to succeed because he had burnt the ships, following the story of the Conqueror of Mexico, Hernan cuts. Stories worse than him who had completed in millionaires, people with a lot less talent or with bankruptcy with numbers 6, 7, 8 or more figures that they were able to arise which bird Phoenix, and absolute perspective change were constant in those days. Yes, really a motivation and training of custom spirit work I did with him. Do you know what? From the moment that he became convinced that he could, he concentrated all his thoughts on what he would achieve in their abilities and talents, instead of the previous defeat, I knew there was no chance that fails. And so it was. He not only recovered all the investment that had been made and lost, but had tripled. And that was just the beginning of accelerated growth, constant, not only in their finances, but in all aspects of his life. We all have the potential of doing similar things, only that We concentrate on what we have not, in the shortage (physical, mental and spiritual).

For example, if you want to lose weight: you don’t go all the time in the fat that you are, everything you ate, all diets that failed before, everything that you like to eat, the impossible which is controlling you, etc, etc, etc. Without wanting to, you are giving your mind the material with which you live day to day. Do you think that it is possible to lose weight as well? What would happen if you give him a perspective different from the situation? Doesn’t mean you’re going to be a positivist silly (as I call them I) than are those who are setting fire and still insist I do not burn, I don’t burn, everything is peace, all is love, but positive royalists: today I had an unexpected result or junk but that I won’t leave on the road: I will concentrate on my goalI’m going to trust my talent, I’m going to raise every time need to be but I will achieve this! It is no secret that this is the attitude of any winner. You, what place you want to be? Do with what kind of thoughts you feed your mind each day? I invite you to that if you also have any comment, reflection or critique that can complete my answer, or want to share something with me or with other subscribers, that you place it under this article.