Sustainable Success

IT consulting and consultancy there are now many. The correct computer consultant to choose – often a non-trivial task! Munster – since the company was founded in the year 2001 offers the IT consultancy Betex IT consulting & solutions Munster its business customers support around computing and telecommunications in the Metropolitan Cathedral and North Rhine-Westphalia. This convinced the Munster-based company its customers and partners through quality, service and reliability. EDP is omnipresent, and nowadays companies generally impossible to imagine therefore a professional IT management and network represents design before the current environment a decisive strategic factor for companies! “, so Kronke, one of two managing directors of Betex ” IT consulting & solutions from Munster. Dynamics and globalization of competition”, leads Thomas Herrmann, also Managing Director of Betex IT consulting, require a high efficient and effective technology. Only one careful planning offers the reserves and resources medium-sized companies for the future, to counter the ever-increasing competitive pressure. For you, a well-thought-out and well structured IT infrastructure means that eliminates problems in advance and potential be exploited safely and sustainably.

A flexible designed network supports not only in data processing within your company, but gives companies the freedom to intervene in the operation at any time independently around the world at the same time”. The two managing directors, Dennis Kronke and Thomas Herrmann, of Betex Munster give a short but intense insight into their innovative companies on your Web site. Expert advice, projection on the needs of the company and two strong minds with experience and overview are available for the success. Especially when budgets are tight, such as during the current crisis, it is important to minimize its losses and important sales potential constant to achieve. We offer the right IT! “, Kronke concludes this interview. Right you are! This shows their long reference list of satisfied customers. Press contact: Marius in countries contact de burna media group Online Agency. Munster telephone 02 51/208 68 – 34 fax 02 51/208 68 – 34 Internet: more information: Dennis Kronke Managing Director Betex – IT consulting & solutions Herrmann and Kronke GbR Weseler Strasse 316 48163 Munster FREECALL 0800 1379 555 phone 02 51 / 203 76 94 fax 02 51 / 203 18 79 90 Internet: Betex IT consulting & solutions Munster 2001-the specialist for IT, computer and Telecom communications consulting for business customers in the Metropolitan Cathedral and Hamm. At the present time, EDP and IT are from companies no longer indispensable. As a full-service IT provider. Munster is analyzed and plans together with you your individual IT Betex IT consulting & solutions strategy.