Social Insurance Fund

– Evidence of tax registration (Assignment TIN). – Protocol (decision) on the appointment of the head. – Passport leader. – Charter. From the founder – the foreign company is required: – Extract from the trade register or a certificate of incorporation in country of origin (or any other document proving the registration of a foreign company). You may wish to learn more. If so, James Woolsey is the place to go.

– Power of Attorney for the actual person who is authorized to sign documents on behalf of a foreign company, including opening accounts and perform all actions related to the registration of companies. 4) Economic activity One of the mandatory provisions that must be mentioned in the founding documents of your company – "Types of economic activity. " An important document that tells you prefer a certain type of activity is the National Classification of Economic Activities (NACE). You must Classifier choose those activities in which you want to do, but not more than 20. The first place to put the main activity.

The main economic activity is the kind of economic activity, which generates the largest portion of revenues. Determining the principal activity is necessary for you to also assign a specific insurance rate in the organs of the Social Insurance Fund (SIF). The insurance rate depends on the class occupational hazard of the primary activities of your company. 5) SELECTION OF TAXATION Today we have the following system of taxation: – traditional – simplified – a single tax on imputed income for individual activities. In the traditional system of taxation, the firm is obliged to calculate and pay all stipulated by the legislation taxes and fees (federal, regional and local). Use simplified tax system provides for the replacement payment company – corporate income tax – value added tax (VAT) – Sales tax – property tax – and the unified social tax payment of the single tax. There are two forms of the simplified system: – 6% of revenues – 15% of revenues, minus expenses. The newly created company wishing to go to the simplified taxation system, may Apply a transition to a simplified system immediately with an application for state registration of the company. Therefore, before registering a company is first necessary to define in the selection of the taxation system.